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What do you get when a fashion illustration expert, an editor-in-chief, a fashion blogger, a handbag designer and a street art insider go for dinner? This outfit. I bought the white dress at in March. Whatever, it’s not PERF but I waited until now to try it on thinking I was doing good by staving off. Looking down at the neckline and a return policy that expired sometime in May, I see in hindsight that was not wise. Despite the boobs rendered lumpy, I’m still fascinated with the First Lady look that inspired its purchase. Pearls and Greta Garbo, not that she was a First Lady politically speaking, but perhaps of cinema and overall chic.

The bag, however, is PERF. My Nella Bella Nu Nettle Retro in blue is ideal for summer dinners where a clutch is too fancy-shmancy, and a tote looks too lazy-shlazy from the office grind. It’s petite, yet functional and structured. Good luck finding this baby as she’s sold out online – but some stores may have her still in Canada, USA and the UK, oh my! All that’s left are my usual ballerina slippers, Dodo le Parisienne, avail on (which has now become a treasure chest of fashion seasons past). Hair blown out and pin curled by my girl, Karina, at Loki Hair Studio. I snuck in a clay treatment, too, as this weather is really not optimal for anything but a french braid. Wore it up in a chignon on the subway ride down just so it would be perfect for the shoot. Later, as I let my hair down, I told Alex Liang, editor-in-chief of Kenton Magazine, mens style blogger and the man behind the camera, il faut souffrir pour être belle.

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Try saying his name five times fast with juicy bubble gum smacking in between your teeth. Running a quick Google search on this man comes up with: Jessica Chastain’s boyfriend. Running a Eurotrash search on this man proves he has in fact been eclipsed by the starlet, as North American media prefers Hollywood to Italian aristocracy (rolling my eyes). I prefer the latter.

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Let’s make no mistake, I am a self-proclaimed “Never the Bride” for a reason – marriage freaks me out. I mean, the idea is sweet but watching my parent’s marriage deteriorate before my eyes while growing up left a bad taste in my mouth. I guess praxis is where my white dress fantasy always falls short.

Nonetheless, weddings are happy days filled with good food, drinking, dancing and of course, red carpet fashion! I mean, if you’re a 9-5 office type, when the heck will you be donning floor length crepe de chine? A wedding is one such occasion. So please, don’t waste the opportunity to look like a “souped up version of yourself” (incidentally, this is what I told my hairdresser and makeup artist when they asked me what look I was going for). Read the rest of this entry »


Lathered in couture. Parisian born, Brazilian pedigree. I recently started following Alexia on Instagram and let me tell you, there are no pretences at the good life. Just a quick picture celebrating Charlotte Olympia’s birthday, fuzzily with an iPhone camera, like I would snap of my friends at dinner. Whatever. She’s some diplomat’s granddaughter, you know, blue blood type. She’s so unaffectedly jet-set she doesn’t even need to wear makeup – most of the time. Front row at Dior, hugs with Margherita Missoni in the Tuileries, Tuileries, Tuileries!

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Visit ARMED jewelry at 1024 Dundas St. West and receive 10% off your purchase by mentioning “EUROTRASH”

I’m the kind of girl who is very picky when it comes to jewelry. Firstly, I don’t like to purchase my own. In my opinion, jewelry is best when gifted because it truly does have the capacity to be hold a lifetime’s worth of sentimental value. I think of every single person and place along the way when donning my charm bracelet, for example. Or bury at the bottom of my jewelry case the gifts of boyfriend’s past.

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It’s like the Jazz Singer all over again. The video features Nichole DiPello of Euro Trash clothing line and I hanging out for the day in her Upper East Side apartment, right along the river. Shot and edited by the wonderful, Ash Kalmar. Be sure to check out Nichole’s line at Oliver NYC or online - my favourite is the Aegean Cardigan, love it. It’s the perfect sweater to add to any outfit – while you’re yachting, of course. But don’t take my word for it, watch the video to find out more about this lovely New York designer with a worldly disposition. Sending you lots of love, Nichole – you’re definitely a Eurotrash girl xo.


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6819_800908660742_3062797_ntwo eurotrash girls at the end of summer, blogging by the seaside. 

Over coffee this weekend at Pusateri‘s in Yorkville, a new friend, Noriko of online jewelry boutique,, had me thinking of old times. I used to breakfast at that particular spot as a budding, undergraduate student. Textbooks in one hand, shopping bags in the other. Usually toting a Mandarina Duck knapsack of sorts because I refused to carry my books in anything but. The duck was so, so chic – back then. Like the sparkling touch of a fairy godmother’s wand, star atop, doling out dreams to this premature fashionista.


Just two weeks ago I posted images from my desert-inspired styling of the Michael Eardley Khloe dress. You can buy it online using my exclusive promo code EURO30 to get 30% off the entire store or at Homegrown Boutique in Toronto (16 Cumberland Street). This time around I styled a pair of silky smooth shorts from Michael Eardley’s Spring 2013 collection. Paired them with a DKNY cropped knit sweater and sequins Bottega Veneta heels to juxtapose comfort and razzle dazzle. My sunnies are vintage, Claudia Carlotti that sparkle with a degrade lens. What do you guys think? Read the rest of this entry »


From Brazil, but of Italian origin, Iza is the sole inspiration for lugging my ass to the gym after a long day at work. Following her on Instagram is like getting a stream of what I wished my body looked like all day long. Her Pilates regiment looks like some weird extortionist’s training but she does it religiously, suspending from bars and ropes. Plus, she’s fancy. Ever see her on the red carpet? Her legs as long as infinity. She killed it in Cannes this month, too. Her model street style is kinda sweet, too, with Valentino rockstud flats and Cartier bracelets (goddamn this woman).

She’s modelled the runways of the world, used to be a Victoria’s Secret Angel and apparently, doesn’t shave her legs. I can forgive her, though. Can you?

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