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Sometimes, just sometimes, I feature males in the Eurotrash People section of the blog. This gorgeous specimen was a recommendation from my friend, Alex Liang. And apart from his handlebar moustache, Mariano Di Vaio is impossibly – ridiculously – good-looking. A eugoogalizer, even.

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I am totally digging the latest collection by Rodebjer. Even if insects give me the heebee jeebees. These are my bubblegum picks for a pleasant summer splash! Shop this print here: 

Augustina store windows are perennial treats. Image by Kaerucomm.

Nestled along a quaint, cobblestone path in Yorkville, Augustina has been a favourite treat of mine since I started seeking out cool shops in Toronto – circa grade 9. And it was love at first sight. The only store to have ever stocked accessories by the prestigious Italian ski fashion brand, Postcard (don’t even go there, Moncler), I’ve always had a deep admiration for Augustina’s keen eye on cool things. Always a bit more recherché, a bit more eurotrash, if you will.

And finally, we can shop these goodies online as Augustina has just launched its e-commerce website across Canada at I’ve got my eye on the Augustina brand laser-cut leather pouches ($195 CAD) and dreaming of the Anita Ko rose-gold leaf ring with diamonds ($5,750 CAD). Operative word: dreaming.  Read the rest of this entry »

As I skip over a few continents and dip down under, it would appear that a slow, cold winter is descending upon the otherwise terracota island officially known as Australia. To me, however, it’s the new frontier of fashion. I love me some Aussie fashion bloggers (and designers). Their style is beyond effortless and they wear a lot of grey, which is alright with me, considering it’s my favourite fashion colour always and forever.

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Wearing exclusive Smythe x eLUXE tuxedo blazer; $595 CAD. 

I must preface this post with an admission. I’m not much of an online shopper, in that, I’m always a bit nervous about purchasing something I haven’t seen or touched before. Which, I believe, is completely normal. However, you won’t find an e-commerce enthusiast who’s as passionate about the changing landscape of consumerism as I am. Needless to say, I had a 15 minute jumping-on-the-bed-athon when eLUXE invited me to peruse their headquarters here in Toronto and get the full personal shopping experience with their lead personal stylist, Jennifer McConville. I brought along my friend, photographer, JR Bernstein, to capture it all with his trusty Fujifilm camera.  Read the rest of this entry »

Back in the day – winter in Milan, that is – when I was formulating my definition of Eurotrash, I came up with a neologism: “Italian Vixen.” She was the chain-smoking, deeply tanned woman in Versace that could silence a room with one snap of a finger. She was the woman I secretly wanted to be for a moment. Without the skin and respiratory repricussions. And so, I present to you, Cristina Lucchini, of GQ Italy.

She’s embraced aging and haute couture. Kept her hair long (which is a faux pas for older women, unless, you’re an Italian Vixen). And she wears leopard print. Probably related to Vivianna Volpicella somewhere down the line. Lucchini is just reminiscent of the everyday Italian woman as sex symbol – she’s no bombshell – but they’re something indescribably “che figa” about her.

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Before and After, eyelash extensions, brow waxing and tinting, eye mask and treatment. Thanks to The White Room Spa Lounge

If there’s one body part I’m most self-conscious about, it’s my eyes. Diagnosed with strabismus at 7 yrs old, coupled with astigmatism and myopia, and more recently, thanks to long hours squinting on this computer thingamajig, crow’s feet. I’ve forever envied those girls with big bright eyes, long lashes and properly functioning eye muscles.

I usually find solace hiding behind my oversized spectacles or covering my face with my hair, until this November. I took the plunge and had complicated eye muscle surgery to correct a plethora of issues – and although the surgery was painful, my doctor says it’s made a difference. Sure, my eyes aren’t perfect just yet, but they’re getting better. And more importantly, I’m feeling more confident about them!

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What can I say, four times a charm. This whole thing started with my damaged hair and a desire for ombre. Of course, we had to bleach the ends, one last time, and so my stylist, Kristina, owner of Loki Hair Studio, suggested we use a clay treatment over the next couple weeks to bring my hair back to life.

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