I see London, I see France, I see expensive underpants…

I can’t speak for every girl but personally, I love shopping for undergarments. And the more lace, silk and just prettiness there is, the better. To be sure, I’m not a wild animal fur, jingle bells , fishnet kind of girl – I like more minimalist pieces that require you handle them with the tips of two fingers at all times. (Until my mother puts them in the wash, and they come out looking almost as if a dust bunny took a knife to them during the spin cycle).

Karlie Kloss working the Victoria’s Secret runway 

Perhaps it’s no surprise, then, that my lingerie preferences are brands like La Perla, Calvin Klein, Intimissimi, Agent Provocateur and Simona Barbieri. My favourite detailing being Chantilly lace. And the more Chantilly, the more cashilly.

This is where my dilemma lies: $400 on a bra and panty that, let’s face it, I’ll be the only person who gets to see or $400 on a new sweater that, guess what, the whole world can enjoy without me ever being called a whore bag! Yay!

And so what? Do girls have to get themselves a boyfriend/lover man/F-buddy just so we can justify spending cold hard cash on lacy lingerie with sheer accoutrements? Or is there actually some pleasure in knowing that underneath your swathing garments, Karlie Kloss has nothing on you – even if you’ll never actually get to prove that to anyone. (Thankfully).

Consumerism tells me I need a new matching pair of bra and panties for Christmas. My bank account says try the 5 for $25 bin at La Senza. The Eurotrash girl inside me says, get the Chantilly. If you blog it, they will come.

Above, La Perla Grey Kyoto Hana set available at SSENSE


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