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Ok I just bought an Alexander Wang tank that I saw last week at TNT priced $100 for only $45!!!! Craziness you fashion lovers! Sale ends at 11:59pm TONIGHT. You know how much I love SSENSE, hence all the ads all over my site. They really are Canada’s luxury fashion online HQ. After today, say goodbye to the summer sale.

USE PROMO CODE XTRA20 when shopping today to receive the discount!

If “Eurotrash” could be captured in a photograph, this would be it. This is it.

Thanks to fashion blog, The Backseat Stylers , for feasting me on fresh pics of Anna dello Russo for H&M in Vogues from other countries, in other languages. Really, the English speaking world is always a bit in ritardo. Other than the obvious, dello Russo looks fucking glam as a honey boo boo tiara, these editorial shots hark back to the Eurotrash aesthetic. I’ve been trying to get you guys on this train for a long time, two photographs of ADR in a ball gown are worth 4 years of blog posts. Read the rest of this entry »

Listed ahead of Anna Wintour on the Forbes’ “The World’s 100 Most Powerful Women“, the jersey dress Queen and former princess, Diane von Furstenberg is original Eurotrash. Born in Belgium, moved to NYC in the 70s, chummy with Diana Vreeland, probably changed women’s fashion with her iconic, jersey-silk wrap dress. My mom, for one, has sought after the wrap dress her whole life – it’s like the holy grail of her generation. Jacqueline Susann, purple eyeliner and geometric print DVF – what 1970s career woman doesn’t concur?

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TFC game wearing TNT game; clearly scaring people off with so much swagger. 

Moderation. A word I have yet to live by. Of course, moderation is good in some instances, deprivation is even better in others. But really, Eurotrash, in its true essence prefers hedonism , which doesn’t necessarily prefer excess (unless we are talking about Balenciaga handbags, then I wouldn’t mind me some excess).

What I’m trying to justify are my new J Brand waxed jeans. I usually try to moderate my purchases in moderation, and in doing so I’ve really reduced my rampant spending to about 50%. And sometimes, yes, I must say no to yet another Balenciaga bag, but that’s why Pinterest was invented. Amiright? OH god, shameless plug…

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Because I’ve been obsessing over TNT and their stock. Because they are conveniently located down the street from my house. Because they aren’t Holts. And lastly, because they have the Helmut Lang Willowed felt coat that I want for $1195. GAH. But, it’s the quintessential Eurotrash fall must-have – especially since I’ll be NYC bound in just two weeks for the Independent Fashion Bloggers conference and I hope it’s cold so I have an excuse to look like her.


It seems these days everyone has got “embellishments” on their nails – or at least that’s what Natalie S. says ’bout the little sequins lima beans hanging from my middle finger. Some of my fave nail art ladies, Septembre Andersen, Chantel Bedward and Hayley French, are to blame for my latest obsession with nail art (as it’s more commonly called), but it wasn’t until Kandi Apple Nail Shoppe opened around the corner from my house that I, too, could have blinged-out fingernails. Tiffany, the salon owner and genius behind the designs, does it all free hand. Caviar nails, 3D nail art, zigzags, chains, whips, you name it – if you can carry the weight, she can adhere it to your nails. Uptown girls, I’ll see you in the salon this Thursday when I get my birthday nails… wonder if they can do 3D b-day candles on each nail? That’s right, I’m 10 years old.

Kandi Apple Nails. 1506 Eglinton Ave W (three blocks west of Eglinton West subway station); 416-890-4830. 


L’Uomo Vogue, W Magazine, Dolce & Gabbana, dating a Roitfeld and a permanent fixture of The Sartorialist street fashion roster. Giovanna Battaglia. She could be Cleopatra in a casting call, as evinced by the Eddie Borgo campaign, of which she is the face. If you follow her on twitter, she’s always hanging with Stefano Gabbana (I actually follow both of them for a complete tete-a-tete). Her style is high luxe with a tendency to keep it classy. She’s not as crazy as ADR, and perhaps more feminine. Attends fashion shows with the utmost piety, and finds her way onto almost weekly. Want to learn more about this Eurotrash lady, check out the quasi-stalker blog about her: I want to be a Battaglia - but then again, who doesn’t!

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Last week I attended the opening of the men’s (boy’s) section of most-talked-about Trinity Tuck Shop. Balloons, tomfoolery and beer set the stage for a sidewalk party with all Toronto’s hipsters in attendance. OK, I’m not a hipster but as Eurotrash representative, I kinda fit in. My new Miu Miu sandals in foot, and some wacky striped shorts and an Ashley Rowe sweater made my outfit complete. Ashley is one third of the Trinity Tuck Shop trio, which includes designer Dylan Davies as well as 69 Vintage’s Kealan Sullivan. If you’re in the Trinity Bellwoods area this weekend and in need of popsicles, blankets, bocci ball rentals and fashion be sure to stop by the tuck shop. It’s the only one of its kind.

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Miu Miu Crystal Embellished Cameo Bracelet, 355 euro. Available at 

The bracelet looks cheaper than a dollarstore trinket. But it’s a cameo. And if you know anything about cameos, well, they’re kinda complicated. Their popularity ebbs and flows. Back in the 90s, Laura Secord was the only kind of cameo anyone ever really talked about, and then ate. Yummy little chocolate ladies, side profile and milky. This bracelet is so goddamn kitschy I can’t help but crush on it. Plus, I’m sort of deeply involved in a Miu Miu phase, presently. I just can’t wait to share my latest (and first ever) Miu Miu acquisition with all of you, a proud addition to my wardrobe … stay tuned if you’re naming your first born Miuccia.