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In celebration of Men’s fashion week (and look at the CANALI dandies exhibit A)…. let’s re-read an article I wrote last week for Toronto Standard.

There’s something distinctly melancholic about an unaffected, well-dressed man and his affected copycat– in short, every guy I know. This revelation came to me while watching the movie trailer for Baz Luhrman’s Gatsby, in which Leo DiCaprio plays a “man in the cool beautiful shirts” with a losing hand in life and love. The dapper dude who doesn’t get the girl. Sound familiar?

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In Genevieve Antoine Dariaux’s A Guide to Elegance she writes under the “Travel” heading:

“If you consider that when you are far away from home and surrounded by strangers, you are judged entirely on the strength of your external appearance, perhaps you will realize the importance of being flawlessly well-dressed whenever you travel.”

This should stop anyone in their tracks when choosing the utilitarian approach to packing, unless of course, the clothes are being used to make you look absolutely fabulous whilst abroad.


Prada Fall/Winter 2012 

Last week I read the most lucid analysis of the art of putting an outfit together by Katherine Bernard. My friend, Lauren, sent it my way totally acknowledging an unspoken mutual veneration we have for a little old woman named Miuccia. Finally. We spoke about it Saturday night. She was like, ‘girl, don’t show me those tacky ass plaid monograms’ and I was like ‘hell yeah, hell yeah…’

Prada, according to Bernard (and with whom I completely agree), arranges an outfit using the principle of the spidercunt, referencing a literary passage by Sam Lipsyte. I died and went to heaven when I read this:

When you see someone take a risk in a look that works, you can almost read it: their easy weekend sweater (cool), paired with perfect trousers recalling Gatsby-era suiting (chic), and then platform gold sneakers that resurrect your awareness of the Spice Girls (spiderc—t).

I mean, isn’t this what we’re all thinking when we get dressed in the morning. It’s about finding the spidercunt in our wardrobe – and she’s as elusive as you’d expect her to be. It ain’t easy. Sometimes, when I’ve exhausted all possibilities for a certain combining of elements and still can’t get it right I think to myself, ‘you suck’, but then I finally (somehow) find that missing element – the spidercunt – and my outfit suddenly clicks. And it cannot be ANY OTHER WAY. I love that feeling. I’m so happy Bernard articulated that exact thing and made it a thing.

Now when I get dressed I’ll just quietly remember spidercunt.

I’ll have another, Russian. Fashion designer, stylist, trendsetter, anachronic Ulyana Sergeenko has something discretely patrician about her. She’s above you. Those red lips and Anna Karenina-type-carriage. Holy hats! And is that a pannier? Her designs are best described as anachronisitc. I know, I used that word twice already, but it’s so so goddamn apt. Was she in Dr. Zhivago? Who knows! Anything is possible with Ulyana, whatever the century she actually exists in.

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Temperatures in Toronto are making me sweat in places I’d rather not disclose, nor sweat in for that matter. We can beat the heat by locking our pets in the car while we shop for cold lemonade and frozen sliders 12 packs made with real ground beef only to find that our ostensibly beloved canine has made the ultimate sacrifice for our backyard BBQ (unless the police get there on time and let your dog loose onto the Gardiner Expressway). But hey, at least they responded to the calls, of which there have been about 150 this summer. Nowadays, people are calling 911 if they see a trapped fruit fly in a vehicle. It’s that bad out there.

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Original Eurotrash. Italian diva, Mina, sings this Billie Holiday classic on her album Noi Due. Listen Here. If you’re going on a European vacation this summer make sure this song is on your playlist! 

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As Portugal fans flung themselves at moving vehicles on the streets of Toronto yesterday, all eyes were on team captain and as my mom would say “good looking kid”, Cristiano Ronaldo. Finally finding his release (see my tweet about his blue balls in the match against Denmark), Portugal’s Vogue-worthy captain moves his team into the quarter finals. And Italy will Irish jig their way out of the tournament this afternoon.

By the way, have you seen Ronaldo’s main squeeze? Russian model Irina Shayk has wiggled her way onto my Eurotrash People list ever since I googled her 5 minutes ago. Firstly, Russia enchants me at the utmost Eurotrash level. The Orient Express, Dr. Zhivago, Czars and Rasputins, Battleship Potemkin, and the excuse to wear fur for survival. Secondly, she is GORG. Thirdly, she has a European style that’s kinda bombshell tacky at times – like a skintight Herve Leger dress with nude heels and a smile. Just a green-eyed tanned Russian (since when do those exist?) living the life with her Gucci bags and Portuguese arm candy.

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So I admit, in this photo I was super super hungover after an unexpected night out on the town. After 4 glasses of O.J., 3 advils and a cup of coffee, I made it to Mother’s Day brunch. Here’s what I wore: vintage blue silk top from Shoppalu; Zara floral pants; GEOX ballet flats; tweed blazer from Club Monaco circa 2003; and my Rebecca Minkoff 5-zip M.A.C. Ta-Da!

Here are some more photos from our lovely day spent in Yorkville. We had brunch at La Societe and it was delicious, as per usual. FYI every Thursday oysters are $1 at the bar starting at 5pm til close – it’s worth checking out!

Incidentally, today is my mom’s birthday. Wishing her a great one. Love you, mom! xo

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Homemade peach cookie by Mrs. S – certainly  an esoteric tradition among Italian hostesses! 

I found this quote today about ‘chic’ on a very cool website, The Esoteric Curiosa. It’s ALL in the name, trust me. Since Eurotrash is a tad esoteric, so too is Princess Pauline von Metternich who is referenced in the quote from The New York Times dating back to 1910.

What ‘chic,’ however, really means is not so much ‘style,’ ‘form,’ nor ‘fashion,’ so called, as originality, combined with correct taste, and a complete absence of affectation. One of the best living illustrations of the word ‘chic’ is Princess Pauline Metternich. She is ‘chic’ to the tips of her fingers, in thought, speech, dress, manner, conduct, and appearance. She is ‘chic’ because she is so original, unaffected, and yet so tasteful in everything that she does. Those who endeavor, with varying success, to imitate her, are not ‘chic.’ Indeed, no persons who follow a fashion, or who seek to shape their way in accordance with those of any particular sample or model, can lay claim to that qualification. In order to possess chic it is necessary to have a well defined individuality, with qualities, aye, and defects as well, that are peculiarly one’s own.

Who else is chic? My friend’s mom, Mrs. S. She’s an avid Eurotrash fan and the way she dresses up a dinner table would make Martha Stewart jealous. One of the greatest hostesses I’ve had the pleasure of being a guest of, surely. Her cake domes, homemade delicacies and refusal to serve anything without its proper glassware always leaves me super inspired.

cone bracelet, pavé crystal. $675 on Moda

So, they aren’t real diamonds. It’s not even sterling silver. Just plated brass with crystals but gosh are these bracelets ever pretty. Eddie Borgo is the designer behind these beauties. Take advantage of the trunk sale happening now on Moda Operandi – you only have to worry about a deposit, for now.