Nicole Richie in June 2012 GLAMOUR magazine. Image source Just

Famous for being famous, Nicole Richie is what I like to call  ’American eurotrash’. She’s lived in the lap of luxury her whole life, adopted at age 3 by Lionel Richie and spoiled since. Former besties with Paris Hilton and had a token anorexia phase. Magazines urge us to dress like her, and now she incidentally has her own clothing line just like everybody else. But don’t let the celeb cliche trajectory fool you. Nicole stands out. She’s surprisingly very beautiful and with the right amount of effort, could pretend to be iconic at the very least. Any girl who owns a red Chanel 2.55 flap bag and a Givenchy Nightingale is OK in my books.

Did you know guys love pregnant girls? It’s true. Here’s a pic for all you pregger-lovers.

Structured dress with slit looks gorgeous.

Here she is in head-to-toe Missoni with Margherita.

This outfit is one of my favourites. So unexpectedly decadent.

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