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Here I am modelling for The SWAP Team’s upcoming Toronto clothing swap. It’s the biggest clothing swap in North America and I am reallllyyyy looking forward to finding some gems this year. Giving back to the community through fashion is super cool because my life revolves around fashion so much. It’s innovative, familiar and after meeting everyone at the photo shoot, the fruits of which you see in this flyer, totally fun. I’ve got my eye on the CRYWOLF tee I’m modelling in the photo, so don’t even think about it. (Lucky for you they’re a sponsor, there will be more than one of these gorgeous tees at the SWAP).

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Toronto native, Sarah Miles, is the kind of girl who is effortlessly fashionable. She’s urban, gritty and would fit in with New York City’s Dumbo district. She’s the token LABEL clothing girl; a model, she’s worked in PR, casting and cataloguing vintage. Her dream is to produce fashion shows. You can find her whipping her hair back and forth on the weekend at some invite-only party or conversely, looking nonchalant at a walk-in bar in the Junction. You’re apt to quickly call her a city girl; in this Bloggertorial, she is everything but.

As you know, I become completely and compulsively enamoured with the novelty of things. One such thing is hairstyle. I’ve been bleach blonde, jet black, brown, red and purple; short, fringed, extra long and permed. I’ve tried finger curls, crimping, updos, sock buns, and just last week, I added cornrows to my hair repertoire. Gotta thank Noreen at Gary’s Barber  for whipping up this design in under 10 minutes. I paired the braided look with a tight white bodysuit, Did-It-Myself cut-off shorts, tights and utility boots for my Saturday night out. Unlike myself, I forgot to take an outfit picture (gasp!).

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 Givenchy PreFall 2012. image source

The house of Givenchy. Something we used to define Audrey Hepburn movies by now turned into one of the biggest, baddest fashion wolves out there. The word iconic should be readily applied here. A woman who wears Givenchy not only has the bank account of the one percent, but the kind of taste money can’t buy. Sociologists like Pierre Bourdieu would have killed me for saying that – his theories say the two, money and taste, work together to keep the lower classes in check. Taste is inextricably bound to money. But how can you look at Givenchy and not jones for that sweet mix of crisp, tailored symmetry and softness? It’s either totally universally stunning or the biggest mindfuck job the fashion industry has ever pulled.

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Michelle Obama and Carla Bruni-Sarkozy. Image source The Official White House Photostream via

On April 22, 2012, French citizens will elect a new president, and at the same time, a new First Lady. Nicolas Sarkozy, defending champion, and his supermodel-cum-singer-cum-First-Lady wife, Carla Bruni-Sarkozy, have undergone a conjugal “make-under” in hopes of appearing less “bling” and more “blah” to secure their place at the Élysée Palace once again. Bruni-Sarkozy, as reported in UK’s The Daily Mail, has become unrecognisable, trading her Christian Dior skirt suits for swathes of chunky knits, leggings, incognito wigs and Uggs, drawing attention to the somewhat illusory dichotomy of fashion and politics in the dress code of a First Lady.

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*Article originally posted in The Genteel, April 13, 2012. 

Adrianna bathing suit by Tosca Delfino $220 available at

Instead of being in St. Martin right now, which I was supposed to be very much so in St. Martin, right now – I’m writing this swimsuit-ridden post. Shedding a few pounds here and there never felt better than the day your bikini bottoms don’t dig into your hips, and your skinny jeans fit. What a better way to celebrate than buying designer swimwear and at least attempting to go on vacation. You can find me on my rooftop patio, complete with cement tiles, trying to get a tan via industrial windburn.

I’m eyeing this gorgeous retro number by Canadian designer (who now lives in Milan, so eurotrash), Tosca Delfino. If you’ve yet to get acquainted with her bathing suits, I highly suggest you dive into her chic world of prints. FYI: she used to work at Missoni. ’nuff said.

My Handsome Clothing sweater, new Links of London skull bracelet and old American Eagle jeans I chopped up in ’05

I wasn’t even asked to promote this event. Saturday night I bought a Handsome Clothing sweatshirt at the Shoppalu shopping party and haven’t taken it off since. So, I did some recon and found out that Handsome is teaming up with Mutts & Co., and some other brands including LABEL (which I also really love a lot) for a travelling pop-up shop this weekend. Y’all should check it out.

I highly recommend these Canadian brands, and who knows, you might end up with a comfy sweatshirt just like me.  BOYS, this one’s also for you – there will be beer tastings and gentlemanly cuts/shaves by Maverick.

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These past few weeks have been defined by early mornings, on-location (no thanks to GoogleMaps), hair & makeup, hours of set-up for the few seconds flicker of a shutter – in other words, photo shoots. Never in my life did I think I’d be part of so many. The behind-the-scenes WERQ that goes into every picture you see, fleeting, in a glossy magazine, is mind-boggling. I have so much more respect for models and stylists who unfortunately get the stigma of ‘having it easy’ – trust me, their jobs are probably the hardest.

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Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz in The Long Long Trailer (1953)

Just the other night Mr. Eurotrash and I were discussing the impossibility of finding a ‘make-out point’, for lack of indiscretion, where we could escape the world in each other’s arms (yuck), or something like that. Our usual spots were rife with dog walkers, tennis players (at midnight? c’mon), and raccoons. That’s when Mr. Eurotrash, I certainly won’t can’t take credit for this one, had the bright idea of purchasing a trailer we could take to the open road with – and park. it. anywhere.

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image source:

Gosh, if Joan Smalls isn’t the definition of cool, then Bob is not your uncle. I love her unaffected style. She matches staples like a black Givenchy Nightingale bag with trendier, kitschier pieces like the Rottweiler denim shirt by said fashion house. Her look is sleek and she isn’t afraid to wear eyeshadow, adding drama to a Tuileries appearance. I can admire any girl who can make a hoodie look absolutely, and resolutely, glamourous.

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