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Chloe Ma, Eurotrash and Marcus Kan. Photograph courtesy of Spiro Mandylor of It’s All Style to Me.

Last week we gathered in the Julia M. Gallery to view the Tatsuaki Spring collection. For my full review of the runway show visit – for my outfit, stay here. I think every Spring there’s a resurgence of either pastels or brights – the pattern seems to be an alternating one. Last Spring we were all told to grab solid bright colours, blue, red, brown, green and pink and stack them. Fashion whores called it colour blocking. We paid homage to Mondrian and worked our VISA at Zara – their entire store was colour blocked last May. This season, much like Spring 2010, it’s back to pastels. And quite frankly, I couldn’t be happier. The colour block stuff is too abrasive for me. I mean, who wants to walk around looking primed for a popsicle stick shoved squarely up their ass? Nah. Give me pastels and flowers any day.


Also known as the Marcel wave when you do it with a hot iron, is my latest obsession confession. Admittedly, my patience for hair styling varies – sometimes I don’t even have the energy to put my hair up in a ponytail. So, when I want to get down to business with the finger curl, I really have to be in the mood to curl, hold, count to thirty, burn my finger, then my scalp and release, for a good hour. I also, admittedly, suck at styling hair. That being said you can’t blame me for trying.

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Thursday night at the Urbanspace Gallery, Tarek Al-azbat revealed his latest collection for his handbag company, NELLA BELLA. There was Appleton Rum aplenty, smiling faces and most importantly, gush-worthy handbags. Fall offers both a spin on the classics like the best seller, London bag, and a brand new vintage-inspired collection designed by their 16 year old teen designer, Andreas Kyriakos. My favourites were the bright nylon duffles and totes with smooth camel faux leather trimmings and of course, the Nu Mirage two-toned handbags. An updated colour-blocking, Tarek used interesting colour combinations like ox blood red with deep burgundy accents to achieve a look that’s fresh, desirable and totally fashionable.

To view the exclusive press package with prices and images, click HERE

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What the eff, right? On twitter the other day I discovered this brand AH-MAZING  because their latest collection is entitled Eurotrash. And I can’t get over it. I had originally posted this as a celebration of their Eurotrash collection, but as I re-read the post for a last minute typo search it dawned on me. I’ve been associating the concept “EUROTRASH” with fashion lifestyle since 2009, officially, when I first launched my blogspot site. Is it a coincidence that Andrea now entitles her 2012 collection on display tonight in Milan that same name? It made me realize that perhaps EUROTRASH has some real currency in the fashion game. Just like I found out about AH-MAZING through a RT from my follower, he also RTs me a lot to his followers, one of which is AH-MAZING. That they chose to entitled their 2012 collection ‘Eurotrash’ is far from a coincidence considering our connection on twitter. But that’s just my opinion. To all of you who continue to support what I do, thank you!!!

image source AH-MAZING

First trip? Maybe not. But as Drake suggests, the Amalfi Coast is the kind of place that will change your life. I was the tender age of 17 when I took my first trip to the Amalfi Coast, couple days on the beach turned into a few weeks… and I never wanted to say adios. Sure, you can go down to the Caribbean and drink pina coladas by the pool at an all-inclusive – or you could get tipsy at midnight in the middle of the piazza in Ravello where Wagner composed his music, the bar dug out of a little cubby hole beside the 11th century duomo - just saying.

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This family day weekend took me by surprise. I didn’t make any grand plans, in fact, I barely acknowledged that it was even a long weekend. I was planning on waking up early Monday morning, getting all my writing done on Sunday. You know, the usual bill for us Eurotrash girls. Until Sunday night – I got a text with an invite to go out on the town. That’s when I realized that I had been partying since Friday. Drinking an average of 5 coronas/night. I did the Raptor’s game, Lakeview Diner, two homemade pizza and wine nights, 7 episodes of Boardwalk Empire, got my hair done, did a Bagel run, danced til 3am, waited in line, did shots. This is not the usual bill for Eurotrash. So on that faithful Sunday evening, I said yes – why the heck not? At least it gave me an excuse to take a quick snap for Wednesday’s outfit post. For the rest of the images from that night check my instagram feed…







Donna Karan look from

How I plan on getting through the rest of winter came from an inspiration I had while eavesdropping on an utterly intolerable fashion model. She was trying on a pair of Brian Atwood booties, coached by her ex-model-cum-agent on how they were going to turn the model’s recent punk haircut into a total image overhaul. Kinda like Rihanna – minus the domestic violence. The model chopped off all her hair the day before and now stood there like a poor man’s Agyness Deyn.

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This time last year I was heading home from Los Angeles. Venice Beach, Abbot Kinney Blvd, Santa Monica, Beverly Hills, Marina del Rey, West Hollywood… top down on my Mitsubishi convertible! Ok, I was on a budget. Didn’t cop the Balenciaga sunglasses I found at Kitson, but I splurged on a Tarina Tarantino pink skull bracelet. All $18.00′s worth. I found it at It’s A Wrap – a store that sells clothing and accessories from movies and TV show wardrobes. They had everything from Zac Posen to Isabel Marant. Read about it HERE. As the winter clouds descend upon us today in Toronto, I’ll revisit a place where Eurotrash feels at home. Beach, great food, amazing shopping and a touch of Hollywood decadence.

Enjoy the photos!

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Missoni mules available at Net-a-Porter; $660.

Hey there, sunshine. Looking for something to brighten up your un-pedicured toes? Of course you are. I bet you wanna Eurotrash yourself, too. You know, mules & clogs tend to be the most underrated category of footwear. Sure, blame it on their perversions: the jewish camp girl clog or brrrrrr, crocs. Not all mules are clogs, but all clogs are mules – and crocs should just not exist, period. But these Missoni mules get an A+ in my books. I have a pair of Gucci clogs that I revere more than life. While other girls wear pumps and sandals, the wooden heel clog is just that extra WTF in any outfit. Skinny jeans, cut-off shorts, a sundress; they all beg clogs. These Missoni clogs, with their pastel crochet and wood heel give me shoe goosebumps. Whip out the VISA – Mama’s got feet!


Eurotrash in front of Costes Roses Dani Roses

I was 19 years old when I first ever heard about Hotel Costes. Came to me in the form of Stéphane Pompougnac’s CD compilation Hotel Costes… Best of. So I was like completely head over heels for this Parisian boudoir music. Puffed cigarettes to it. Tried to emulate the life of Eva Green’s character, Isabel, with every listen. I was 19, people. The world to me was like living in the glossy pages of Vogue. Sometimes, I wish I hadn’t become so irrevocably jaded; still had that little bit of belief in the impossible.

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