Dear me, dear me. I’ve taken the longest holiday away from my blog since I can remember! The good news is I’m back. The bad news is I’m still sans YSL Tribtoo heels. At first I was concerned with whether or not I’d be able to scrounge up enough loonies and toonies and I-OWE-U’s to buy them – now I’m lucky if I can even find them! I will mortgage my left butt cheek on the spot should I be so fortuned as to be in their presence, in a size 36 1/2. Did you know you have to go a half-size down in YSL shoes? The sales associate at Nordstrom didn’t. Duh.

I’m not here to talk about the YSLs that aren’t in my closet, though. I’m here to tell you all about my lovely sojourn to Miami. Sun, drinks, family and shopping. While I was partying in the city where the heat is on I did some shopping. SOME. oh gosh. This is what I picked up: a t-shirt (the best) that says: IDAHO? No, UDAHO! hahahahahahah. hah. I love it. And then of course a Juicy hoodie for $40.00. Can’t nobody shop like me.

But seriously, I need the YSL Tribtoo heels. I really thought I was going to be smuggling them across Canadian customs this time around.



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