12 Days of Eurotrash – It’s time for me to reveal the next gift in the Eurotrash giveaway: a hand knit cowl by The Little Cowl Co.! Yes, no point beating around the bush. The cowl was designed exclusively for the 12 Days of Eurotrash Giveaway, which means it’s one-of-a-kind. The 100% wool cowl is knit from the highest quality Italian wool with the most beautiful thread blend of shades of grey, charcoal, beige and cream. It’s reversible and unisex and omgosh so warm! The scarf retails for $100 – but if you enter the 12 Days of Eurotrash giveaway you could win the cowl along with other Canadian designer pieces including $50 Ukamaku gift certificate and an Ashley Rowe splatter tee (value $125).

The Eurotrash cowl by The Little Cowl Co. – enter to win it here.

Read more for my interview with Jordana Antonelli, the creative genius behind The Little Cowl Co, and for more photos of how I styled the Eurotrash cowl.

Eurotrash cowl: vintage eyeglasses, red nails and maybelline lipstick in Cool Watermelon. Vintage white blouse, Ashley Rowe 100% silk pant.

Eurotrash: What is the concept behind “The Little Cowl Company”?

The Little Cowl Co: I started knitting when I was young, but dropped it at the sight of my imperfections. I picked it up again not too long ago, and must have developed a keen eye and steady hand, and my obsession with all things knit was born. I would create cowls for birthday presents, and finally had a friend say to me, “you shouldn’t just be giving these away”. Two days later, “The Little Cowl Company” was created.
image: the Eurotrash cowl, hand knit!

Eurotrash: How do your peices stand apart from other Canadian knitwear designers?

The Little Cowl Co: My pieces stand apart in a few ways. First, I hand-knit everything myself. I do not contract someone else’s knitting skills. Second, everything is made to order. Creating an inventory is a little tricky, since I tend to tailor my work for the person who’s ordering it. You would be hard pressed to find two people with the exact same cowl from The Little Cowl Company. Third, I use a variety of materials that are not always available in yarn shops, craft shops or on the internet, making the cowl ordered even more distinctive.

Eurotrash: Inspiration and idols?

The Little Cowl Co: My inspiration comes from what I would see myself wearing, and what I envision my clients wearing as well. I tailor my cowls to the market, but I also tend to not make something just because I think it will sell. I’m inspired by seeing what men and women are wearing on the streets of Toronto. As great and versatile as a scarf can be, a cowl is still not as common, and adds just a bit more diversity. There are so many more options in designing and wearing a cowl…so I took the idea and ran with it!
Knitting isn’t a past time for the elderly anymore. I am inspired and driven by young, hip knitters who aren’t ashamed to break out their needles and yarn in public places. It can be fun, young, innovative and fashion forward…and a knit item tends to be a necessity for anyone who has gone through a Canadian winter.

Eurotrash: Where can we buy your cowls?

The Little Cowl Co: Right now, cowls can be purchased by e-mailing me directly at thelittlecowlcompany@gmail.com . Ideas, yarn colours and material can be found on my Facebook fan page http://www.facebook.comthelittlecowlcompany . I’m in the process of setting up an Etsy shop, and soon, you may find me at an Arts & Craft show in the GTA!

Eurotrash: If you had to pick one piece that is the quintessential Little Cowl, which would it be?

The Little Cowl Co: The Bulky Genesis Cowl in any colour of Baby Alpaca. It is soft as a cotton ball and light as a feather, doesn’t itch, irritate or stretch. It’s made with the highest quality Alpaca out there, and represents everything The Little Cowl Company stands for: quality material, quality design, comfort, and of course, versatile style.

image: the Eurotrash cowl – reverse side, different knit pattern for a softer, feminine aesthetic.
Eurotrash: What’s up next?

The Little Cowl Co: 2012 promises to hold new cowl patterns (sizing will be the same – short, bulky and extended) and a wide array of colours and materials. You’ll find everything from Cobalt blue soysilk to hand painted cotton from New Zealand, to colour blends of angora, mohair and wool Made in Italy.

Wanna win this Eurotrash cowl designed and hand knit by The Little Cowl Co? It’s easy. Here’s how: 

Name my Eurotrash girl (the one clad in knee socks, ray bans and the santa hat). SimplyLEAVE A COMMENT on this page, or any of the upcoming 12 Days of Eurotrash entries with Your NameYour Email Address and what you think I should name my Eurotrash girl, the mascot of my blog since day 1! For example:

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Eurotrash Name: Monica (after my favourite actress, Monica Vitti). 

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