Eurotrash Christmas

Welcome Yule! Today is the official launch of 12 Days of Eurotrash. Over the next few weeks right here on Whatever Eurotrash I’ll be sharing all my favourite ways to spend the holiday season – the eurotrash way. From decorating the eurotrash tree, to learning how to skate (maybe), roasting chestnuts and other fabulous italian xmas recipes, picking the perfect holiday party outfit to land you a spot under the mistletoe, how to stuff stockings with caviar and champagne, which Balenciaga will carry you through to NYE and of course, a few surprises….

Laugh and cry with me as I somehow make it through another holiday season, unscathed and haute coutured.


To celebrate my 12 Days of Eurotrash holiday series I’ve assembled a EUROTRASH GIFT-UCOPIA for one of my lucky readers to win. As the days roll by I will announce a new item added to the gift bag. From Canadian designer pieces made EXCLUSIVELY for Eurotrash to gift certificates for your favourite stores – whoever wins this prize pack is going to be one happy eurotrash fan this holiday season. The gift bag includes:

Gift 1: UKAMAKU $50 gift certificate 

Gift 2: Ashley Rowe splatter tee

Gift 3: The Little Cowl Co. hand knit cowl 

Gift 4: MAFIA jewellery .925 sterling silver Rock’n'Roll ring 

Gift 5: 50% off voucher to redeem at on entire invoice

How to win? Name my Eurotrash girl (the one clad in knee socks, ray bans and the santa hat). Simply LEAVE A COMMENT on this page, or any of the upcoming 12 Days of Eurotrash entries with Your Name, Your Email Address and what you think I should name my Eurotrash girl, the mascot of my blog since day 1! For example:

Name: Justine Iaboni

Email Address: 

Eurotrash Name: Monica (after my favourite actress, Monica Vitti). 

It’s that simple. You could win a gift basket worth $200 $300 $400 just for doing so (new items are added every day)! At the end of the 12 Days of Eurotrash I will randomly select one lucky winner. I will contact you via email and send you your prize AND I will use your entry to name my Eurotrash girl. You get a prize pack, Eurotrash gets a name. Everyone wins! (Unless you don’t know what Gucci is…then, uh, you don’t win. Ever).




More Eurotrash

  • Kerri Lynn Mcallister

    Name: Kerri-Lynn McAllister
    Eurotrash Name: Brigitte, which is French/Euro and could totally be the name of a nasty gal. Also, Bridge makes a really snappy short form.

  • Noëlly Sam

    Name: Noëlly Sam
    Eurotrash Name: Eliza; charming (the deadly kind), unconventional and always up to no good.
    That’s what Eliza’s do. Happy Holidays xoxo

  • Michelle

    Name: Michelle
    Eurotrash Name: Maaike. Gentle but fierce at the same time!

  • Mark Savel

    Name: Mark Savel
    Email Address:
    Eurotrash Name: Lemon Lima!

  • Emilia

    Name: Emilia Barbiero
    Eurotrash Name: Margherita. That’s always been her name! She lives on Via dei Calzaiuoli, gets her morning coffee at Gilli and on the weekend she visits Tuscan villas with men who eat their C’s and wear Rich Jeans.

  • J.R. T.

    Name: J.R.
    Eurotrash Name: Fabiana. Because she’s fabulous.

  • alexis

    Name: Alexis Varone
    Eurotrash Name: Vittoria (its a classic anglo name with a twist… how eurotrash?!)

  • Jajaluff

    Name: janelle
    Eurotrash names;
    Abigail Sail
    Charlotte Chardonnay
    Lola L Rose
    Emily Persikia Louskin
    Shiloh Summers :) that’s all

  • natsmns

    Name: Natalie
    Eurotrash broad: H’Angry Mandy (why? because bitch looks hungry and angry. I’m into it)

  • Jessica Concannon

    Name: Jessica Concannon
    Eurotrash name: Anna, after Anna Dello Russo…the queen of all Eurotrash.

  • Insanity

    Name: Brianna
    Email Address:
    Eurotrash Name: Audrina Fantasia (Because shes fierce & sexy)

  • Jennifer

    Name: Jennifer Coronel
    Eurotrash Name: Sophia for the sophistcaticated classy Sophia Loren. ~>

  • Dante

    Name: Dante
    Eurotrash broad:
    Ginevra, because she wants to be Lapo Elkann’s sister
    Diletta because she’s a faux-dilettante from Brescia

  • Guest

    Name: Giancarlo
    Eurotrash Name: Mina, short for Wilhelmina.

  • Alessia

    Name: Alessia Ciancarelli
    Eurotrash Name: Simona – no particular reason. Just adore the way it sounds!

  • Antonia

    Name: Antonia Cappella
    Eurotrash name: Audri… b/c it’s cute and stylish and a tribute to Audrey Hepburn

  • Danielle

    Name: Danielle Villano
    Eurotrash Name: Olivia, or Liv for short. Namesakes include Olivia de Havilland (bitchy Gone with the Wind star, also gorgeous) and Olivia D’Abo (sexy blonde girlie).

  • Andrea

    Name: Andrea
    Email: andreabeth.dillon[at]gmail[dot]com
    Eurotrash name: Campari. For her signature cocktail, of course!

  • Ajibike

    Name: Ajibike
    Email: ajibikelapite{at}hercampus{dot}com
    Eurotrash Name: Nadia (it’s extremely unique!)

  • Amandaledgerwood

    Name: Amanda Ledgerwood
    Eurotrash Name: Mashaylia just because its unique

  • Rachel

    Name: Rachel Smith
    Eurotrash Name: NaTrasha… like Natasha with a Trashie Side <3