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Last night we drew the winner from a hat and this is what came out:

Congratulations, Jessica Concannon! Thanks to everyone who participated and who spread the word about this contest. Eurotrash’s new name is: Anna (after Anna dello Russo).

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all my readers! 


Eurotrash xo

12 Days of Eurotrash – A few weeks ago I was featured on a la mode for all my blogging wonders. With the 15 Minutes of Fame bit came a video interview that I’ve shared above. I had so much fun talking about how I plan on taking over the fashion industry, it seems, but I think I was really just nervous. Do you ever get nervous?

And I say hell yeah.

Also FYI today is the LAST DAY to enter the contest to win $400 worth of Canadian designer gifts! In the bag are: an Ashley Rowe splatter t (incidentally, she’s landed the feb 2012 cover of Flare Magazine); a $50 gift card to use on; a one-time 50% discount applied to your entire invoice at; a sterling silver two-finger ring by MAFIA jewellery and a hand-knit wool cowl by The Little Cowl Co.

Just leave your name, your email address and what you think I should name my Eurotrash girl (the lady at the top of the page with the santa hat and ray bans)! 

 12 Days of Eurotrash – One of my favourite chefs, Jamie Oliver, aired his Christmas Special last week. Yes, I watch these sorts of programs. I’d like to blame my sister who never forgets to shoot me a text message telling me what time and on what channel things such as The Santa Clause and Jamie Oliver’s Xmas Special are playing. This time around I was pleasantly surprised to find Jamie taking back shooters, alone, in one of his 5 kitchen sets shortly after I tuned in. Bring it, you mockney jester!

In the spirit of Christmas I want to share with you Jamie Oliver’s recipe for Pomegranate Tequila Shot.

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Luxury consignment store, REmix Clothing, has extended this invite to all the Eurotrash readers! Just print out the invite, show it and receive 30% that evening. See you there xo

The Eurotrash Gift-ucopia contains: Ashley Rowe splatter tee; hand-knit cowl by The Little Cowl Co; .925 sterling silver two-finger Rock’n'Roll ring by MAFIA jewellery; 50% off your entire invoice at and $50 gift certificate to spend at

12 Days of Eurotrash – Watching the power outage in San Francisco halting tonight’s football game makes for the perfect time to get a quick blog in. In case you’re wondering, I’m a Steelers fan. Over the past two week’s I’ve given my readers the chance to enter a Christmas giveaway to win a huge gift bag full of Canadian designer goodies. The contest winner will be announced on Friday, December 23rd, 2011! In the meantime, you can still enter to win. Just leave your name, your email address and what you think I should name my Eurotrash girl (the one with the Santa hat at the top of the page).

What can you win? Well I’ve selected items from my favourite designers and boutiques to give to you, my faithful readers. One of you will win over $400 worth of presents, presents!!! Oh, and your name will become the new Eurotrash girl! Leave a comment at the bottom of this blog post or any post to enter the contest. Only 3 more days left until the contest officially closes!

Photographed by JR BERNSTEIN  

12 Days of Eurotrash – The time has come to announce the last gift in the Eurotrash gift-ucopia this Christmas and so I decided to do something special instead of the same old shameless self-promotion, sounding like death of a salesman trying to get you to buy knives out of a black nylon shoulder bag with velcro flap. No, if you want to enter the contest I encourage you to do so because there’s really no gimmick to it. I’m giving back and that’s the long and short of it.

Today’s post comes in the form of the Bloggertorial. I’ve coined this term, recently, to denote a series of photos on a blog that are like an editorial. In any case, more stylized than a street style. JR Bernstein and I set out one chilly morning and the following are a product of our labour. It’s a down the rabbit hole kind of mood, Alice. I’m wearing a vintage velvet blazer, BCBG pants, skull necklace by the Beckerman sisters, jade skull necklace by Miz Dragonfly, Jeffrey Campbell Clinic wedges, Claudia Carlotti vintage sunglasses and a vintage polka dot crop top from – the next prize in the gift bag comes from them: 50% off gift card to use online! They’ll apply the 50% discount to YOUR ENTIRE INVOICE! ok, i’m sounding gimmicky now. But like seriously, this is pretty sweet considering they carry both vintage and new apparel (like gorgeous stuff from – Mmm).

Click “read more” to see the rest of the photos from our shoot!

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image: Eurotrash shopping in my Burberry jacket, Missoni scarf and Ray Ban Honeys!

12 Days of Eurotrash – So we’re almost two weeks into the Eurotrash giveaway and I’ve still got one more gift to announce. But I won’t do that today (booooo). Instead I’ve compiled a photo blog of a few of my favourite things. Make sure you tune in tomorrow to find out the last present in the giveaway and help me name my eurotrash girl! Last night I finally got around to watching Rudolph – did you know it’s available to stream on YouTube?

YouTube Preview Image

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12 Days of Eurotrash – On, Comet! On, Cupid! On, Donder and Blitzen! Time to announce the next present in the EUROTRASH GIFT-UCOPIA! Just to recap the goodies one lucky winner will receive: $50 gift certificate to spend at; $125 Ashley Rowe Splatter Tee; $100 cowl, hand-knit and designed exclusively for Whatever Eurotrash by The Little Cowl Co. If you know me, you know I love jewellery but never buy it for myself. Jewellery, in my opinion, is best gifted. And so, I will take heed of my own advice and give the lucky winner the sterling silver, two-fingered Rock’n'Roll ring by MAFIA jewellery. Don’t let the name fool you, there is nothing gaudy about these jewels.

.925 sterling silver Rock’n'Roll two-fingered ring Eurotrash is giving away courtesy of MAFIA jewellery! 

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image: Noelly Sam of and Justine Iaboni of Whatever Eurotrash.

 12 Days of Eurotrash - The lovely and talented, hat-wearing girl from Montreal, Noelly Sam (aka Miss Sly) has invited me to be a panelist on the December edition of Fashion [Unfold], a critical debate about taboo fashion topics. The Fashion [Unfold] forum spreads globally, infecting the world with it’s hot discussions and impressive panelists. This month we discuss Fashion Bloggers: Independent vs. Represented…. The topic goes live on twitter @FashionUnfold and the hashtag #fashionunfold, and MissSly at 1pm today…. BASICALLY RIGHT NOW!

Here’s my take on the subject:

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image: Audrey Hepburn in Charade (1963)

12 Days of Eurotrash – Can you even believe I’ve finished my Christmas shopping? Now it’s time for what I like to call Cabin Fever. A few years ago I posted The Eurotrash Stocking Stuffed - looking back I can’t believe we’ve come this far. So what does cabin fever mean to me? Well, it starts with a little trip to the video store, a month supply of hot chocolate, maybe some cookies, rum, and of course, made-for-home leg warmers, cashmere socks, knit pyjama pants and a house coat with little tassels hanging off it. Obviously the Eurotrash holiday also includes champagne, caviar and a ski lift pass but ho, ho, ho, so does Audrey Hepburn.

My #1 favourite way to induce cabin fever is to watch my favourite holiday movies. Now, this isn’t your typical list of Home Alone and Jimmy Stewart – but it’s certainly a pleasant change if you’re just so sick of the typical Xmas flick.

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