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The recipe to become a European woman is a guarded secret. Sojourns in Paris, a few summers spent in the Amalfi Coast, perhaps a semester abroad complete with a year-long romance in Lugano – these are all initiations towards the prototype. If you’re among the chosen ones you’ll know full well about that je ne sais quois European women possess. It’s impossible to attain.

Leading up to any European trip I’ve always planned an airtight wardrobe weeks in advance. An outfit for aperitif, jeans for city shopping, the right accessories, and total sun goddess beachwear. Yet sure enough, upon arrival, I am completely outshone by gorgeously put-together Eurogirls within minutes. My wardrobe goes from airtight to utterly useless, abhorrent. Then, shopping spree. But no matter how much money I spend nor how much Prada I consume, achieving that effortless chic seems but a distant never gonna happen.

That’s partly why I started this blog – to reveal the secrets of European sensibility when it comes to fashion and lifestyle. Where a North American lady would opt for branded-out Tiffany jewellery, the Eurotrash girl selects the esoteric Ippolita – jewellery designer who’s a born and raised Tuscan. Just as expensive (perhaps even more) and yet inconspicuously stunning.

A simple white long sleeve t-shirt, tight fitting; a tan, this jewellery, Prada jeans with the golden triangle, Tod’s loafers… and this outfit just to grab some fresh figs and a loaf of bread down at her local grocer!


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