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I’ve got dibs on an exclusive chance to purchase StyleStalker SS2012 collection – I’ve invited a few friends along. Austrailian-based clothing company is just for all those pretty bloggers out there. Enjoy the feline frenzy and I’ll enjoy styling the pieces I pick up next week for a blog post in the near future…

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image: Velvetine ‘Steven’ handbag

Reading Dana Thomas’ Deluxe: How Luxury Lost Its Lustre, has opened my eyes to the state of luxury in our day and age. It’s practically on death row. I won’t regurgitate Thomas’ extensive coverage on everything from Louis Vuitton to Coach but I will recommend that every fashion-whore read it before slavishly purchasing the latest ‘It’ bag with next month’s salary. The book shores up the stalwart adage that fashion has absolutely nothing to do with style.

Last year I was introduced to the French handbag company, Velvetine, designed by Anne Cecile Couetil. The leather is sourced from a family-owned factory in Italy; the bags are then produced in Paris and Portugal. I first saw her bags at Zane Aburaneh’s store on Queen West, A2Zane – one of two retailers to sell Velvetine in all of Canada. This year, I think it’s time I invested in one of her gorgeous pieces.

The Steven bag is my favourite. It’s like a PS1 without the drama – and that my friends, is a very good thing.

Bianca Balti and Margherita Missoni. Two european women who are style inspirations for this little lady. Balti, the sexpot. Margherita, the nouveau hippie. Balti, the bad girl. Margherita, the ostensibly not-so-bad-girl. If there’s something I try to incorporate in my style, it’s precisely a mixture of sex appeal and innocence.

A pair of vintage glasses, which are almost always on my face, add a touch of nerd to any outfit – wear them with a low cut shirt, exposing a questionable amount of cleavage, perhaps even a pop of lace and now you’re going places. Remember: skin is an accessory – added to the look rather than covered up by clothing.

Here are some random photos of both eurotrash girls:

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image courtesy of

Last week I attended the 1st year anniversary of Pink Tartan’s flagship store, Seventy Seven, in the 19th century house, you know which one I’m talking about, in Yorkville. Here I am with Shoppalu’s Janice Liu and Pink Tartan girl, Lindsay, at the event. Thanks to Julio Reyes-Cocka of for sending me over this photo.

I’m wearing J Brand cigarette black jeans, Jeffrey Campbell Litas and a knit crop top from Shoppalu.

If you want to read all about the event and see more pictures of the stunning boutique, check out Julio’s feature HERE.

image: Luna magazine, July 2003.

Fast Fashion or Slow Style? Most people think this choice is ostensibly, totally dependent on the state of your bank account. If you make $15/hr you should shop at H&M; if you make $1500/hr you should shop at Holts. Is it really this black and white? Rich or poor? Better or worse? Or has the consumer construct lead us to believe that affordability should guide all our consumerist consuming and has thus, carved out a gaping hole in the marketplace for the obeasts (obese beasts) like Walmart, H&M, Zara, and Target to squeeze their fat asses into. The question of affordability is then readily answered, over and over again, when you can walk into H&M and feel like a Queen because you are well aware that there isn’t one item in the entire store that you can’t afford. A.k.a. Field Day.

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image: Jack Spade Dino hat $145, Dino mittens $95. available at

A few days ago my boyfriend announced to me that he was embarking on a new phase of facial hair: decembeard. Many of you are currently counting down the days left in the lifetime of your man’s movember stache and I considered myself, or at least at first, one of the lucky ones when he decided that instead of growing a ridiculous moustache this year he’d support prostate cancer by getting tested. Maybe it’s a cause de facial hair envy, seeing all the other guys boasting curvy handle bars, that has spurred his newfound disdain for shaving. All I know is I had better brace my cheeks for daily exfoliation and start fabricating excuses for my boyfriend’s disguise when people ask what happened to that guy I was dating and why I traded him in for Paul Bunyan.

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The Little Black Shoe


image: (from top left to bottom right) Jimmy Choo Crystal-Embellished Platform Pump 1,725 CAD; Christian Louboutin Miss Clitchy Suede Platform Pump 910 CAD; Casadei Platform Pump 630 CAD; YSL Tribtoo 105 Blk 1,010 CAD; Miu Miu Patent Platform Pump 640 CAD.

Style is a matter of trial and error. A few years ago my life consisted of going to school, partying and occasionally, a funeral. The classic black pump never really had a place in my life until now.

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image: (from top left) Riviera Sky Hero Chandelier Earrings $4,250; Modern Rock Candy Drop Earrings $3,500; Riviera Modern Rock Candy Gelato Cluster Ring $4,995; Riviera Modern Rock Candy Gelato Bangle $3,495. Available on Moda Operandi until November 18.

The recipe to become a European woman is a guarded secret. Sojourns in Paris, a few summers spent in the Amalfi Coast, perhaps a semester abroad complete with a year-long romance in Lugano – these are all initiations towards the prototype. If you’re among the chosen ones you’ll know full well about that je ne sais quois European women possess. It’s impossible to attain.

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How one girl’s working Sunday turned into the best excuse to dine out, at 2pm. This is what they call “Brunch”.

image: Dries Van Noten boutique in Paris

In between blogging, reading Wintour’s biography (which I polished off Friday night) and trying to find the perfect black leather pumps there’s time for the one meal for which being hungover is a requisite. Whether you’re a romantic couple refuelling after a sleepless night in an all-white hotel bed; a group of Chanel-clad girlie girls with mimosas on tap or the middle-aged gourmands who wear Gucci because it’s made in Italy and so is Parma prosciutto and Sassicaia – Brunch is not just something you grab; it’s an institution.

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image: Links of London Camden Skull cufflinks, 295 CAD.

OK, OK, OK. Just the beginning of this week I made a declaration on my Facebook status saying “I think I’m over skulls”. Confusion, bewilderment and just plain contempt spread through the comments. Something came over me while flipping through photos on, spurring the said declaration. The pervasion of skulls in everything, and i mean EVERYTHING. (At a recent visit to Aren’t We Naughty I discovered a skull dildo – to which my friend said, that’s perfect for you!). It wasn’t the sex toy that rubbed me the wrong way, though (hardy har har) it was the teenage mutant ninja turtles. Can teens please stop taking over the internet with their arm parties, skull iconography, boy kissing semi-naked girl, Gosling gifs, cut-off shorts, pubescent pin-up bbm poses, Beiber and Gomez and le moustache? I’m done.

So, it may come as a surprise to some of you that I should post these skull cufflinks. I mean, I don’t think I’ll be purchasing items with skulls on them like crazy as I used to do – but doesn’t mean I can’t still admire a deathly piece. Maybe I’ll purge my love for skulls by gifting other people all the pretty skull things I would normally buy for myself. Like purchasing these links of london skull cufflinks for the man in my life!

Gosh I’ve become one of those people who buys their wife a power tool….