Some of you may remember last Halloween when I took it upon myself to make my costume by hand. I painstakingly assembled my “grooveshark” costume after an hour-long trip to Fabricland with a few pieces of grey stretch cotton and red and white ribbon. I must admit I was really close to scrapping the idea when faced with the task of threading my mom’s sewing machine. A trillion Youtube videos later I finally figured out how to thread the damn thing – that shit is complicated! I felt like I was wiring a mousetrap. Just like the board game.

Equating mice to sewing makes me the new Cinderella. Watch out. I completed my costume on time and was primly ready for the ball. The feeling of having accomplished what I set out to do, having absolutely no experience with a needle and thread (OK, except for that time when I custom made a dozen dust bags for all my shoes in grade 12 – of which I had no mental or technical recollection), was a great feeling. Knowing that I would never attempt to do something crazy-time-consuming ever again, my shark costume would be my go-to halloween costume for years to come .

This year I combined shark with the belly-girating pop star, Shakira. Enter, SHARKIRA. Boy was she the life of the party. Climbing in your windows, snatching your people up. Sharkira, when you really think of it, is actually terrifying. I wouldn’t want no jingling shark wailing from her diaphragm to attack me, that’s for sure. Pop stars combined with deadly animals is all the rage. I’m surprised they haven’t made a movie out of it yet.

Next year I’ll probably go as a Pool Shark, unless I can think of something better. Sharkquille O’neal? hmmm.

Here are some photos from the evening:

me and my girls! I was the DJ for the evening – first solo gig and it went smooth as a baby’s bottom.

I adored the PB & J costumes! But ever see a Smuckers Jam jar try to sit?



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  • Emilia Barbiero

    anthony and kat look amazing and the paris hilton wig + shark costume = sharkira is brilliant! but whatever happened to Daniela’s Tim Burton character?

    and YOU sti are more handy with a sewing machine than you give yourself credit for! remember your new year’s eve handmade couture circa 2005? YOU SEW GIRL!