Fashion is such a powerful vehicle that goes beyond trends. It can be an outlet for the artist, the architect and even, the good samaritan. The fashion industry generates resources – what we do with them is our choice. Treana Peake, creator of renown west coast label, Obakki, uses her resources to fund projects she deems important, relevant. The Obakki foundation is turning fashion into water, in the most biblical sense, by auctioning off items autographed by your favourite celebrities such as Taylor Swift and Beyonce (who could bring those two together?) and all proceeds will be fuelled into the Rainmaker project, which hopes to raise $200,000 to drill 200 wells in Sudan.

And when I think of all the unfinished FIJI water bottles I neglect in every corner of my room it’s difficult to understand what living with very little clean water is like. I’m well aware that these resource discrepancies in our world are not easily mended. That these situations are rife with politics and the assertion and maintenance of power is not overlooked by my conscience, ever. But in the meantime there are little things we can do to help make life better for someone who is patently living a life that’s worse than most people’s, nomatterwhat the circumstance or cause.

The Obakki Rainmaker video is also awesome. I was hesitant to watch it, thinking it was going to be like one of those Sponsor a Child sad, sad, disturbingly sad videos that make you feel so awful for even being alive. I actually think people are less inclined to help after watching those heart-wrenching commercials. The Obakki video celebrates life and progress in underdeveloped nations. I love the little kids doing the stanky leg to the music! HAHA, adorable.

I know some people will disagree with me and say, in donating money through purchasing a new Gucci bag we are only allaying our guilt. I have my new bag AND I’ve helped someone less fortunate than me; two-for-one, yeah! I get that. But I don’t think Obakki is Gucci, and the Rainmaker project is happening now, IN REAL LIFE. If fundraising isn’t for you, I accept your choice to disregard this post. However, should aiding in the development of a country devastated by civil war be something right up your alley, the Rainmaker auction is a great way to help out. It starts on November 1st!

If you’re just here for the fashion – and who isn’t! Obakki has shared with me their new Holiday collection just in time for the holiday season. In pretty blush tones, white and black these dresses are perfect for all your holiday events and parties whether they be a Christmas Murder Mystery dinner with your friends (what I’ll be doing) or a fancy dinner out on the town (what I won’t be doing). Obakki makes gorgeous clothes – seriously, they are a Canadian gem.

A great cause for great fashion – now that’s Eurotrash.

And lastly, a great photo of Audrina Patridge in an Obakki dress (it only costs $334, shhh).

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