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Some of you may remember last Halloween when I took it upon myself to make my costume by hand. I painstakingly assembled my “grooveshark” costume after an hour-long trip to Fabricland with a few pieces of grey stretch cotton and red and white ribbon. I must admit I was really close to scrapping the idea when faced with the task of threading my mom’s sewing machine. A trillion Youtube videos later I finally figured out how to thread the damn thing – that shit is complicated! I felt like I was wiring a mousetrap. Just like the board game.

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Fashion is such a powerful vehicle that goes beyond trends. It can be an outlet for the artist, the architect and even, the good samaritan. The fashion industry generates resources – what we do with them is our choice. Treana Peake, creator of renown west coast label, Obakki, uses her resources to fund projects she deems important, relevant. The Obakki foundation is turning fashion into water, in the most biblical sense, by auctioning off items autographed by your favourite celebrities such as Taylor Swift and Beyonce (who could bring those two together?) and all proceeds will be fuelled into the Rainmaker project, which hopes to raise $200,000 to drill 200 wells in Sudan.

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image: Rachel Sin Spring 2012

Inspired by the architectural design of the Hotel Peninsula in Hong Kong, the architect/fashion designer, Rachel Sin, created a Spring collection that she says, “is perfect for afternoon tea at the Hotel”. Her favourite piece from the collection (and mine) is the pure linen suit. In a white linen, the pants are high waisted. The jacket, cropped and designed with different tiers of linen and a silver, sparkly underlay. Sin does glitter in the most elegant way.

Sippin’ Rosé and perusing the collections I was quite impressed with Homegrown’s selection. They carry Sarah Stevenson, Caitlin Power, Zoran Dobric, Rachel Sin and Emily Woudenberg. I wanted to douse myself in all the gorgeous Canadian designer pieces but there was one problem – I was dressed up. Zip flies, belts, tucked in t-shirts, top handle bags, blazer layered under a jacket layered under a fur stole. How can anyone shop when they are dressed like a bag lady? Not to mention I had heels on, carrying a bottle of FIJI in one hand and a champagne flute in the other.

image: My nonna’s bag, vintage fur stole, winter white jacket by Spoon, vintage wool blazer (my moms); snakeskin belt by BCBG and Zara cropped pant in chocolate brown and white knit t-shirt. 

When I shop to buy – I shop in sweatpants, a t-shirt and footwear you can slip off with a high kick. This is probably why salesclerks are reluctant to help me find my size or acknowledge my presence. If I’m not dressed like a bag lady, I’m dressed like a bum. Either way, nobody wins. But unless you have a personal assistant to hold all your bags, undress you and massage your feet every 4 meters (I’m assuming that’s what PA’s do) when I go shopping, I need to be comfortable and inconspicuous. Is it any wonder I own more PINK, Juicy Couture and Roots sweats than I’d like to admit?


image: Jenna Marie Wakani for


I met Caitlin Power around this time at the Spring 2011 Toronto Fashion Week; only last year her show was at The Drake – off-site and after-hours. Exactly one year later she showed her Spring 2012 collection to a jam-packed audience, on site, at the official LG Fashion Week tents. So what? That kind of growth is scary. You know what else is scary? How mind-blowingly brilliant her 2012 collection was. As I watched each look sway and turn on the catwalk I became more and more certain of one thing: “She nailed it”.

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The face that you saw in the door isn’t looking at you anymore
The name that you call in it’s place isn’t waiting for your embrace
The world that you love to behold cannot hold you anymore.

Taking a break from Fashion reviews is sweetly, not that fun. I’ve meddled with my Halloween costume at least a dozen times, in my mind. Not once in real life. And the joy I get from drawing little goblins and ghosts in my agenda is all the while, alarming.

I saw a photo of studded ballerina slippers and had Beach House playing on Youtube. I shared it. As I cling tightly to pretty moments – like a 10 minute walk on a side street off of Queen St drowned in the smell of someone, somewhere, burning leaves – I begin to realize that forever isn’t all that great. The only thing I ever really get any pleasure from is the want of things to last forever, knowing full well they will not.

It’s like anticipation, hypothesis, imagination, improbability… these are the things to live for.

Back to regular scheduled programming tomorrow because as much as I enjoy these dreamy blog posts, they can’t go on forever.

Acne Leather/Suede Tall Caesar Boots, $765.00
Current Elliott The Ankle Skinny Jeans in Atlantic, $255.00
Givenchy Small Nightingale Shopping Bag in Dark Violet, $1,635.00

Well, well, well. I found my latest weakness: You know what keeps me up at night other than Paranormal Activity movie trailers? I often toss and turn as my mind weaves impossible mathematical equations to permit me buying a $1,700 bag or a $600 pair of shoes. My version of A Beautiful Mind would be a Sarah-Jessica-Parker-size closet filled with beautiful designer pieces and me inside, doing snow angels atop Alexander McQueen silk skull scarves. Call me crazy!

On my latest visit (2 hours ago), I sniped jewel-toned must-haves that will for sure keep me up all night long. Their marketing team, I must say, is a tribe of geniuses. They update the site every Tuesday and Thursday making last week’s Missoni hat incomparable to this week’s Balenciaga Giant City bag – just in! If anyone out there knows of some fast money-making scheme, I’m down for anything – except for maybe a pyramid scam or importing/exporting. Please, PLEASE, let me get what I want on MyTheresa this time. Lord knows, it would be the first time.

Also on my list: A Very She & Him Christmas album.

image: NormalJean on

Last night the girls of Rate Hub Canada tweeted me this article entitled, Twitter Romance: Don’t Tweet Where You Eat by Nando Rodriguez.  The article suggests that we all refrain from using twitter as a dating device – be it to plan a sexual rendezvous (the twitter sleaze); to get your twitter lover where it hurts after you find him tweeting another woman (the revenge tweet); or to tell the whole world how much your lover boy floats your boat, and what he made you for breakfast, and then for lunch, and then midnight snack-ee-poo my little corn on the cob xoxoxoxoxo (the PDA tweet or the Public Display of Twitter, as Nando coins). And where some of his advice has currency in light of social media standing-in as just another sex playground (the relationship status is there for a reason, people) I don’t think his argument has any twitter-specific relevancy. Not to be lewd but after reading Nando’s rant I thought of a rebuttal beginning with something like… “It’s a free world and we all fuck. Get over it”.

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image: Brendan Adam Zwelling.

I did it. Yes, indeed. I wore Uggs to LG Fashion Week and nobody cared. But which is more alarming? That I wore Uggs to Toronto Fashion Week or that NOBODY cared? I tend to think the latter of the two is what we should all really be concerned about. Maybe it was the dreary weather or maybe someone should have swept the leaves, mud and gum wrappers off the red carpet that lay soaked in water, with two white tigers at its helm, in front of the tents at David Pecaut Square. Street style photogs convened in a circle talking about zoom lenses (presumably) more so than actually using their DSLRs. The pinnacle of glamour was the girl with the Mad Hatter top hat – I bet she’s in every single magazine and on every blog right this moment. And I bet you all know exactly who I’m talking about. Like my google analytics line graph on a post-fashion week weekend, the general chicness of TFW took a nosedive.

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This was my outfit yesterday. I wore a royalist of blues, wool bustier designed by Caitlin Power. Fashion blogging and such aside, she is a personal favourite. Her clothes appeal to my penchant for architectural structure with a hard femininity. The peplum bustier from her 2010 collection anticipates the peplum propagation on runways all over the world this season. Visionary, driven and a joy to talk to I’ll be featuring an entire write-up on the designer first thing next week including what she said to me just minutes after her show at LGFW and photos of the breathtaking collection.

I mean, her said collection was inspired by Blade Runner – how can you not love her?

image: Amedeo Scognamiglio cameo skull rings.

With all this chatter about LGFW here in Toronto, which I learned today from the icy-blonde princess (in a good way), Lisa Kisber, is the 2nd largest fashion week in North America – go team! – it’s always nice to take a break from local frenzy to see what’s going on in the world. Enter This site was my fashion senior kindergarden, (JK being Jeanne Beker on Fashion Television), and I cling to it lovingly even though there are far more interesting and unique websites out there in the name of style. Sometimes, my loyalty pays off.

Today, Brittany Adams follows an understated trend seen on fashionable necks, ears and wrists this season: the cameo. Remember Laura Secord? Something tells me their signature chocolate cameos are going to be in FLARE’s holiday issue under “what to buy the fashionista who has everything”. Lisa Tant, I will gladly write the feature; I’ll even spare both of us the headache of having to hire me as an intern first.

I think cameos are simply great. They give a vestige of something old, forgotten. Or, if you do like Amedeo Scognamiglio, he can quickly update this traditional adornment by carving something like a skull, perhaps, instead of a bust. Either way I’m totally on board with receiving a dozen chocolate cameos, maybe insert a real Scognamigilio in the centre slot, as the PERFECT Christmas present. Hint, hint! Gosh, I hope my boyfriend reads this post.