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Birthdays come and go. My 26th birthday had everyone gone by midnight, some even earlier. When I say some I really mean just me. And when I say gone I mean ubriaco fradicio. Waiting for my sister to upload photos incriminating all those present that night is like waiting for another eurotrash blog post. #patience. Where did I read that the hashtag rhetoric is taking over our prose? Wherever it was they used Nicki Minaj and Drake as leading examples. #Nemo.

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Month long Eurotrip: conquered. Week long post-trip flu: conquered. 26th birthday: about to be conquered. Gosh, there is just so much conquering going on these days for Eurotrash. In fact just this past Saturday night I got conquered by a bottle of white wine at a kegger. I know, it sounds totally right. Guess what? There were even teenagers.

But this post isn’t about my futile attempts at turning back the hands of time, one keg stand at a time. Instead, I want to share with all you lovely readers (who, not having checked my Google Analytics in a while, may not even exist) some precious moments spent in Florence. Even though these photos date back to last month, I feel good about releasing them alongside the airing of Jersey Shore Season 4: Juiceheads Pumping Arno. (Maybe 0.6% of you will get this joke and how I usurped it from a Mr. Dante).

So yeah, enjoy!

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To inaugurate the fresh release of Jay-Z and Kanye’s music video for their Motown-meets-Swagger joint, Otis, I made a fresh little set. Minus the Maybach, I think I’ve included everything you need to look oh-so south of the border. And though I openly don’t trust Kanye West or anything that comes out of his mouth (autotuned or not) he and Jay did Redding proud. Check out the video and my fashion set inspired by it:

[vsw id="BoEKWtgJQAU&ob=av2e" source="youtube" width="425" height="344" autoplay="no"]

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