One best take a dip into Kitson, the famous nik nak boutique in Beverly Hills. Now, I’m not a fan of star gazing nor do I read Perez Hilton or anything like that. In fact, my sister often rips on me because I have the worst name-to-face association when it comes to celebrities. My Bette Midler is your Barbra Streisand; Javier Bardem is better known to all of you as Robert Downey Jr. etc., etc. What I am good at though is spotting hot trends whenever I go to a new city, bringing them back with me; people on the streets of Toronto be all like: “Whaaaat? This girl be wearin’ ridiculous MC Hammer pants!”, back in 2003 – we had to wait a few years until the same slacks pervaded the runways and we learned to call them Harem pants, proper. Another trend I’ve been reppin’ since ’04 is Mickey Mouse ANYTHING. I spotted this trend in Florence that summer with Liu Jo’s “It All Started with a Mouse” Disney campaign. And Mickey has certainly made appearances in mainstream North American fashion trends over the past few years. I’m just glad to see that he’s not out of style yet. Enter Lauren Moshi Disney Tees newly in at Kitson.

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