Eurotrash is excited to announce that she will be collaborating with fashion blog, A LA MODE, for the entire month of January as part of their 12 Months of Pop Flavours.

The concept stems from the wildly popular ‘pop-up’ phenomenon sweeping the fashion world, mainly in the form of the ‘pop-up shop’; Toronto’s already hosted a slew of these over the past few months. So what’s a pop-up?  Well, there are really no rules when it comes to these spontaneous happenings, but here are two constants: the pop-up usually involves a collaboration between two units (one usually extremely powerful, well-known, affluent and the other, up and coming and relatively unknown to the mainstream); secondly, the pop-up’s location is a temporary one – usually occupying a space in which its content is patently foreign.

However, when it comes to the pop-up blog all we can say is this: it’s going to be awesome. Posts will come at random, often, and will all speak back to our theme, which I don’t think I’m allowed to reveal yet. A la mode: the most secretive blogger, ever. But who doesn’t love a pleasant surprise?

The best part? You can comment on and participate in all the pop-up posts. So stay tuned for our inaugural post coming very soon.

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  • Caitlin

    YES! I’m super curious.