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Just a few photos to provisionally cure the winter blues…

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Impractical? Yes. But what else of sportswear turned couture, especially when leading edge sports brand, Adidas, gets involved. The indelible Stella McCartney collaboration marked a watershed in women’s sportswear in 2004, much like Y-3 did for men just a year earlier. Now the brand plans on going back to her urban roots with next level line “Adidas Originals by Originals” – enlisting the creative pulses of fashion oddballs such as Jeremy Scott. The result? You tell me:

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I’ll never forget the time when a dude came up to me while I was having my morning espresso in the gorgeous piazza in Ravello and asked me what I was listening to on my CD player. It was July 2003 and I would only get my first iPod the next summer. When I told him I was listening to the Cruel Intentions soundtrack he looked into my eyes and began to sing: “I am colourrrrrblind”. I quickly chimed in, “coffee black and egg white”. We sang in unison; he smiled. I laughed and thought to myself how strange it was that here, in the tiny little town of Ravello, I would share an unforgettable moment with a complete stranger over THE CRUEL INTENTIONS SOUNDTRACK!

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Proenza Schouler never fails to impress. This past winter every fashionista had to get their hands on the PS1 bag, preferably in black leather. If you’ve ever felt one of these bags you’d understand, or at least begin to, why their price tag can induce vomiting. I believe it’s the way the edges, paper thin, curl up just a bit, giving the bag a most unique finishing touch. But alas, the canvas PS1 bag, at $1500, is not so bad!

How to make it Eurotrash is a whole different story. The contents: Nars lipstick in Belle de jour; her trusty LV wallet (whose 9th birthday is coming up); an agatha christie paperback from the 70s; Moleskine daily planner; a mechanical pencil; iPod (160GB in black); perhaps the current issue of Glamour Italy (because they are mini-sized magazines); a pair of vintage Claudia Carlotti wayfarers, one bottle of Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb; her blackberry and keys to the VIP.

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Heiress to her grandparent’s fashion house, Missoni, you can find Margherita strutting around NYC and enjoying la bella vita as she pursues an acting career, just ‘cuz. I can’t even imagine all the things she’s experienced in her life: sleeping in her stroller backstage as top supermodels ran around barely dressed, multicoloured knits everywhere. Her baby blanket must have been something special. I also read once that she does her own manicures. Yes, I’m obsessed. But then again, she is living the eurotrash life so really, can you blame me?

Imagine your closet was the Missoni house. This gives a whole new meaning to “my grandmother knit me a sweater”.

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