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My friend, Alexander Ordanis, one part of the Stellar Citizens duo trumps my coolness with his latest video. Read the rest of this entry »


Eurotrash recaps her experience of BITCH SLAP, a group exhibit of girl artists at Thrush Holmes Empire. Read the rest of this entry »
I just bought the most impractical winter boots and i love them. Read the rest of this entry »

There are those who will line up for an over-hyped, over-saturated, reboiled Lanvin for H&M (is it really for H&M or is H&M giving Lanvin a fashion lifeline, some double-sided tape to keep them from slipping slowly into Escada times i.e., bankruptcy)… I won’t say more because I could go on forever about the politics behind the H&M collabos.

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Working long hours, dark hours (thanks fall back), and just the general lack of summer have all attributed to Eurotrash’s annual case of the winter blues. I dunno why I thought I could beat them this year! So what to do once you’ve got the winter blues and it’s only November? Blog, read, download copious amounts of music, buy a new iPod to put all the music on, blog, swoon over entries of pretty swedish people, make miscellaneous piles of clothing in various corners of my room, straighten my hair even if I have nowhere to go, drink beer, skype to london, skype to kingston, read.

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Eurotrash is guest host for this week's Fashion[Unfold] debate. Fashion[Unfold] happens every Tuesday and connects people all over the globe, talking about a current issue in the fashion industry. Feel free to participate here or on twitter! #fashionunfold Read the rest of this entry »
A look at Canadian designers and the issues surrounding their survival in this dog-eat-dog industry. Read the rest of this entry »