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Or should I say bonne nuit? The dark beginnings of what is ostensibly Taralis’ Spring collection set a cloudy tone for the Parisian leg of fashion week. Who’s complaining, though – I personally revelled in the black, grey, and charcoal palette. If anything, it only means that I now have more reason to carry my fall/winter clothes right into the sunshine seasons that await. But who wants to wait until Spring? I could easily wear any or all of these looks right about now.

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Finally! Ok so as you all know I went to the clothing show this weekend and got some amazing deals. I’d say I’m almost done my ¬†fall shopping but you know how that goes… in the words of Drake, “it’s far from over”. Take a look-y-loo at what I bought! Also, I changed my camera settings a bit, not that any of you should care, but I think the photographs came out pretty good for my meager little point and shoot.

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As I sit here and watch the Dolphins and the Jets battle it out Рwhat? Sanchez did NOT just not get a touchdown. Anyways. I began to think of another rivalry: Style vs. Fashion. It takes a lot of money to buy fashion but takes no money at all to acquire style.

This weekend Eurotrash did some fall shopping at the clothing show – a bi-annual bonanza of great deals and free sweetmamajama cornbread cookies (I totally made that name up). I can’t wait to show you all what I bought but unfortunately I just spent the last 4 hours skyping with my best friend instead of taking pictures of all my latest acquisitions.

She watched me as I ate watermelon and i watched her as she read tax law. True love.

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I love reading the description for these fashion shows: YSL’s Marrakesh, the glamourous late-70s photographs of Guy Bourdin… Oh, the fashion world.

When WILL the fashion gods answer my prayers? I wake up to tweets about Gucci, Alberta Ferretti, John Richmond and cry. Well, ok, maybe not cry… but I do sort of wish I was there even if a dose of sickly thin models strutting down the runway always makes me feel a tad bit whale-ish. (Even if I truly would rather have clothes hug my curves than hang off my bones). So what does eurotrash do? She whips out the webcam, some vintage fare and begins shooting.

My vintage Gruen Watch, which I procured through a series of very random events; my claudia carlotti sunglasses, which you all know about; and my dad’s old reading glasses (O.K. they may not be vintage but they are still pretty cool).

Jeremy Scott’s New Yorker, White-Washed Angels (coined by me)

Dear Readers,

If you want to see the exclusive trailer for H&M and Lanvin’s recent collaboration right here on Whatever… Eurotrash before ANY OTHER BLOG gets to post it, vote for me!

Thanks so much!


Quickly, before I go to bed…. because my boss called me while at the private launch party for Bryan Ulrich’s exhibit, Signed, Sealed, Delivered (I was there, not my boss) to work at 8am tomorrow morning. So I don’t have much time to blog about this event. The deal: Bryan Ulrich, spent his whole life taking pictures of himself with celebrities and collecting loads upon loads of autographed photos and guitars – paul mccartney, angelina jolie, jay-z, robert deniro and al pacino in the same pic, cher, fuck, everyone! My favourite was the collage piece in the side room where about 200 4×4 photos of bryan et celebrity fill the entire wall – it’s interesting how he is the only constant in each picture. Who was at the party? oh, just about every toronto “it” person de jour.

I guess that kinda means I am, too? Wishful thinking. Good night xo.

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I wake up every morning to tweet upon tweet of fashion news – with some of stefano gabbana’s meanderings/ultimate eurotrash lifestyle. Who can actually twitpic from a yacht anchored off the coast of Stromboli – 5 weeks in a row? So yeah, back to my pseudo-eurotrash life, I twitpic from my bed right before waking up to assist etobicoke’s population with their OxyContin’s and period cramp meds (which, at times, should very well be OxyContin). Whatever. Last night my girl Andria and I rocked Herve Leger dress from and a black leather Gucci clutch from without having to bat an eye at the MUDD magazine launch at Maison. Sipping a bottle of white wine at Le Germaine hotel after a hard day’s work at Shoppers Drug Mart is my version of D&G eurotrash.

So is this Derek Lam SS 2011 handbag. Something to save up for…