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If you don’t know by now, eurotrash is obsessed with skulls. Skull tees, skull jewelry, skull flip flops… I’m even considering getting a skull tattoo if I can convince myself it’s ok to be cliche as long as you have a good reason. In a perfect world where I could actually afford to buy diamonds, I’d buy Hysteric Glamour’s TRYGOD skull ring. Made of sterling silver with onyx and black and white diamonds. The rings range from $1,150 to $63,606 – don’t worry, that’s in US dollars. Sadly, my blog salary has yet to finance anything more than as my friend, a freelance photographer, would say, “a few subway rides and a muffin”.

In other news, I just had to post these pictures up of Lady Gaga in transit. Where I would wear a comfy velour juicy suit and uggs, she prefers a straitjacket inspired coat belted around her calves. Then again, it does look quite roomy under there – kind of like a snuggie with s&m detailing. Eurotrash gives Lady Gaga’s outfit an approving nod.

Now and then eurotrash uses this space to express the way she feels about certain things that are going on around her. This is one of those instances.

Lately, eurotrash has been meeting more and more people, kinda like in Drake’s new song, Over, “Who the fuck are ya’ll?” and a good majority of these people are in some way or form involved in the fashion world.

What she finds most alarming is that most people involved in fashion in Toronto are all haters. They hate on our local boutiques, they hate on bloggers, writers, stylists, photographers, venues, events, brands, you name it. It’s no wonder Toronto’s fashion scene is lagging so far behind from the rest of the world. When you can’t be positive and supportive of those around you, you are in essence, hating on yourself.

All I have to do is mention that I’m interviewing a certain store or a certain personality and already the people around me start: “Oh, that place is shit”; “That person’s a washed-up loser”; “Who cares about them” etc., etc. Meanwhile, as we sit around and hate on every single fashion thing in Toronto (because clearly, I must’ve missed the memo stressing that being jaded is the only way to show your true passion for something), other cities are racing ahead of us.

Just look at the popularity and respect that fashion bloggers get in Milan, Stockholm, New York, Paris.
In Toronto, we can’t even get an invite to a fashion event and if we do, we end up fighting with half the people there over whose bag is fake and asking that stupid question “… and who are you with?” just to see if someone is worth talking to or not.

I get it, the fashion business is full of Anna Wintours, but blogs have made it possible to restore fashion to the everyday people. If we keep hating on one another we’ll not only waste the opportunity but we’ll end up having to read Vogue for the rest of our lives.

If you really love fashion then start being positive and support those around you!

Yesterday, Eurotrash spent the day running around town with Salem pulling pieces from various Queen West boutiques for a shoot he’s doing in Montreal tomorrow. A quick anecdote: he had to miss his flight because they wouldn’t let him on the plane wearing his studded christian louboutin shoes, to which he tweeted:

“Why Is fashion a crime ? Got stopped at porter because of my christian Louboutin shoes being considered a weopon missed my flight waiting for the next plane”.

Salem, words cannot express how funny and sad this is all at once.

Communque, has anyone ever been to RM by Reva Mivasagar? His pieces are absolutely stunning, unique and couture. Ladies looking for a wedding gown that’s more than the same old: Reva is your man. Another boutique we went to was Carte Blanche, owned by this gorgeous portuguese girl, Tania Martins. She has a really easy breezy Queen West meets the darker side of Jeremy Scott collection of pieces in store. I instantly fell in love with a pair of denim shorts by Swedish brand, Cheap Monday. I’ve been meaning to buy a new pair of denim shorts (to replace my 00 abercrombies from 3 years ago when I was stick thin au cause de my ex bf ruining my life) too much info? whatever. Anyways, I needed a new pair of shorts that fit me and the beginning of august is the best time to buy denim shorts because my friends, they were on sale.

And not for anything but, Cheap Monday’s logo is a skull, which appears on the back tag AND there’s a tiny skeleton hand on the fly zipper. So fly!

Um, after the designer’s visit to Holts I only like him a little less. These shoes are in his favour, though.

But I just love her. My recent facebook profile pic has prompted my sister and i to discuss all of Marc Jacobs’ ad campaigns. After a pleasant google image search (psst, have you guys seen the new google image search? amazing!) I added some pics to my LookBook file that are just so aesthetically inspiring. What does that mean? Well, when something is aesthetically inspiring it means that its so pleasing to the eye and the senses that it makes you want to exude the same aesthetic perfection in everything that you do. Example, instead of taking the cupcakes out of the oven and putting them on a plate, you take the pink and white cupcakes out of the oven wearing cute baby pink oven mitts with hearts on them, setting the cupcakes on top of a clean white counter, and take a bite of one as you lean against the counter wearing cute little shorts and an oversized wildfox “boy crazy” t-shirt – your hair in a tight chignon.

So, get aesthetically inspired!

“The passion of an aesthete is absolutely inaccessible to the man of ordinary concept who calls a dog a dog and a spoon a spoon.”
R. Huelsenbeck, En Avant Dada

Remember how I said I’d be blogging about Victoria Beckham more often? Well, this post is a testament to me keeping that promise. I just found out that VB is on the august cover of Vogue Turkey. The article I read which featured pictures of the cover plus a sneak peek at the editorial said that it may not bee the american vogue cover that she desires, but it’s still good enough. Victoria, eff american vogue; their proclivity to feature the mundane, styled-by-a-stylist women like Gwyneth Paltrow should be reason enough to go on living, quite happily, without ever ‘making’ that cover.

*images taken from

People keep asking where I get the McQueen, the Chanel, the Balenciaga… well, here’s my secret: REmix clothing. And guess what? They’re having a sale this week. So do like eurotrash and throw it in the bag!

Last Friday, as part of her 700 cal/day goal from her boxing PT, eurotrash enlisted in a Socacize Bootcamp at OIP dance centre. No neophyte to the colourful caribbean beats and dance styles, she was more than excited to get her groove on and burn those fat cells! It wasn’t pretty, and at times her quads trembled with every thrust, tears or sweat dripped from her eyes – but she loved every second of it. The DJ was spinning amazing remixes of all her favourite soca, hip hop and reggae songs and the instructors were so energetic and encouraging and boy, did they know how to get low. At the end she had stripped down to a sports bra, rolled up her pant legs and rolled down her waistband and drank about 2L of water in 5 minutes post-class. Would she do it again? Hell yes.


Last thursday eurotrash was invited to check out the red carpet fare at the exclusive IZOD INDYCAR SERIES event at Dolce Social Ballroom. The write-up can be found on The Style Notebook. Just before the red carpet action however, eurotrash got to pose for some shots in a gorgeous Alexander McQueen dress and matching clutch, courtesy of REmix Clothing and My Favourite Dresses, who now supply all of my wardrobe needs. Why buy a designer dress when you can rent one for a tenth of the price? Duh!

Photography by Brendan Adam Zwelling

After Fridays craziness (Lake Shore auditions, 2hr Soca bootcamp at OIP, sushi dinner, TIME), eurotrash and REmix clothing’s Salem Moussallam got decked out again for round two. Arriving at Frequency, two pink bunnies and lots of fake handbags, lycra bra tops and a guy wearing a t-shirt that read “orgasm donor” greeted us at the door. We knew today was going to be even crazier than the day before.

I asked one guy what he would do if he got on the show and found himself in “The Situation’s” situation with Sammy and Ronnie – would he fight for her or diss her? He said he would diss her. He also looked like he had a B.A. in accounting or something absolutely boring. I moved on. Apparently before we arrived there was also a fist fight between two girls? A cute boy with blonde hair and a devilish smile stopped to tell me what went down:


Eurotrash: Why do you want to be on the show?
Boy with Devilish Smile: Um, basically because I have nothing better to do and I think it would be fun. I’ve already seen three fist fights and some girl tried to pull out another girl’s weave. It’s only 5pm.
Eurotrash: Fist fight? What happened?
BWDS: Well I had these two blonde girls sitting on my lap and this other girl just like came in between them and started saying ‘don’t do it, you’re sluts’ and the blonde girls were like ‘you’re just jealous cuz we’re blonde’ and then the fists started flying. Blonde weaves started flying…


I love reality TV. So then we went up to sit in a few auditions. One guy ate a tupperware of perogies in 10 seconds, almost yaked, and then proceeded to tell the judges that 2 years prior he had been hospitalized for anorexia.

Then an eye candy girl went up, wearing a REAL chanel bag (the first we saw all day), and killed her audition. Perhaps it was because one judge posed as a stripper pole for her to do an erotic dance on or because she took his lewd questions in stride and opted to whisper in his ear the answer to his question concerning “what her favourite position was in bed” instead of saying it out loud. Or maybe, just maybe it was cause she promised to sleep with him one day if she made it on the show, or… so she could make it on? My favourite judge was sipping a heineken, dressed in a bright blue suit, had long long grey hair and never took off his sunglasses: Keith Correa – the original Kid Rock.

If the auditions were any indication of what Toronto’s LAKE-SHORE will be all about… it’s gonna be trashier than T.O.’s garbage strike on a hot, sticky night in July – rodents included. Nasty.


We asked the show’s producer, Maryam Rahimi, what she’s gonna bring to the table by drawing from Toronto’s diversity:
“I think I’m going to take advantage of that diversity and get everyone to be at each other’s throats. I’m gonna have people from very different backgrounds, living under the same roof and I’m going to have them in different contexts. So I’m looking for very distinct personalities so that all the house mates will clash in one way or another and they’re going to have to learn how to deal with each other”.