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My cousin, Celine, has arrived from Paris and what a start we’ve had! This weekend we went to Ottawa to cheer on my sister and her hip-hop troupe Culture Shock at their North American showcase. Prior to, we went to TIME for McLovin’s birthday, even though we didn’t actually see Mintz-Plasse… Here are some pictures of us from that night. I’m wearing a Matthew Williamson dress and belt from My Favourite Dresses and the Chanel bag I got from REmix Consignment. I love wearing clothes I could never afford in real life.

Italy’s final game is today. Either they win by a series of impossibilities or they lose by a series of most likely possibilities. Without being too bleak, we’re waiting on a miracle. So, here’s a few old pics of the champs, enjoy them now because later today, you may be crying in disappointment.


Today is going to be crazy. I’m leaving for work in 2 seconds, I’ve already been up since 6:30am blogging, vacuuming, and eating, and later today my french cousin, Celine, gets in from Paris at 1pm! She’s staying with us for a whole month and I am super excited to show her Toronto’s goods.

But that’s not what I’m blogging about. I’ve just surfed through some of the Resort 2011 collections and HAD to share my top 3 picks from Gianbattista Valli. If there’s anyone who can make a dress for a woman, he’s the man! What can this do for YOU? Ladies, tis wedding season, and these pretty dresses would look stunning beside any blushing bride. Brides, beware.






As I was driving down dufferin at 8 o’clock friday morning, all my favourite (famous) bloggers were schmoozing at my favourite (famous) store in Florence, Luisa Via Roma. Why I was not invited to celebrate Luisa’s 10th anniversary is a mystery to me, considering I discovered that store 7 years ago, in fact the very summer eurotrash was invented! The back story to this is that Emilia and I had met these cute Florentines the night before who were sporting the then-cool, John Richmond jeans; you know, the ones that say RICH on the ass? Talking a lot of BS as usual, we agreed to let the boys accompany us to buy a pair each the next afternoon. Eurotrash will be eurotrash – not knowing how much these things were gonna cost us, we dropped by Luisa’s early the next morning, incognito, to check out the price so as to avoid embarrassment when we went back “for the first time” later with the boys. The key is not to flinch when reading the 300 euro price tag AND for us canadians, to place a courtesy call to VISA a few hours prior to purchasing in order to give them the “heads up”.

The RICH jeans were nice, but the limited edition NOTIFY jeans designed by Canadian model, Linda Evangelista, were definitely more my speed. Instead of “RICH”, they read “BACIAMI DI PIU – LUISA VIA ROMA” on the butt – and lemme tell you, mine was just big enough to fit all those words, perfectly. Did I buy them that morning? HELL YES. I wasn’t gonna wait for some shady florentines to take me shopping. By the way, “baciami di piu” translates to “kiss me more”; needless to say, I heard a lot of that that summer.

A year later I went back again to buy more NOTIFY jeans and then all of a sudden Luisa’s became so famous, everyone and their mother started shopping there – prices went up, a red carpet now leads the way in, and they are always serving champagne.

Since I’m sure my invite got lost in the mail (things usually do when coming from Europe, ahem Italy, especially), I’ve had to re-live the anniversary events by proxy, keeping track of all the invited bloggers’ posts on twitter and bloglovin. Here’s two pictures taken by Jak and Jil blog of two beautiful shoes by DSquared2 and Nicholas Kirkwood for Rodarte – both available at Luisa’s. You can also find updates on Sea of Shoes and of course, The Blonde Salad.

Happy Anniversary, Luisa.
Love Always,


Horrible. Right now eurotrash is supposed to be writing an article that was due a week or so ago, who’s keeping track anyway, but instead has been overtaken by the solita writer’s block. It’s been a few weeks now that the time change from lazing around all day in pyjamas, writing one sentence every few hours has suddenly turned into barely having 20 minutes to post a half-assed blog entry at the crack of dawn with St. Clair Pharmacy interrupting her train of thought and impeding her from exploring new phrases, syntax, vocabulary… etc., etc.


Last night, when she should’ve been writing, eurotrash dialled up Rogers on Demand to order a film she’s been wanting to watch ever since a trusted, fellow movie-buff told her it actually wasn’t a remake of what has become one of her favourite films, Fellini’s 8 1/2. So she spent last night with Guido Contini, the non-remake’s protagonist. Oh, and by the way, I’m talking about NINE if you didn’t catch on by now.


As the credits rolled I was suddenly inspired to write about all the things that 8 1/2 is that NINE is not and vice versa; to write about the nostalgic set design, the subtle differences between reality and fantasy, Guido and all the guys I’ve ever dated who aspired to be him… etc., etc., But alas, art and life become one as I face a writer’s block that won’t even allow me to write about two movies that are arguably, the visual manifestation of my very condition.


I know I just blogged this morning… but I stumbled upon this picture during my daily bloglovin surf session. She’s wearing my woodstock minnetonkas, allegedly, better than I do.
I also want her blonde hair, and could really use some white sandy beach too.


Latest acquisition added to the overspilling eurotrash wardrobe: Alexander McQueen jellyfish dress.
I don’t know when I’m going to wear this dress. I don’t know how I’m going to accessorize.
What I do know is that my mother thinks that purchasing and venerating designer clothing reveals a shallow, materialistic person at heart. She enjoys hiking and collecting seashells.


She also secretly loves the DVF dress my sister and I bought her a few years ago for her birthday.
And apparently she’s the reason I bought the McQueen dress – she thought it was so stunning that she offered to put down half the cost right then and there.
I obviously, had to hold up my end of the deal; I didn’t want to disappoint her.


The dress now conveniently hangs in her closet. Hmm.

Exactly two weeks ago I thought it would be a good idea to empty out my closet, rearrange my clothes, update my wardrobe, insomma, bring new enthusiasm to getting dressed in the morning. BIG MISTAKE. I now reside in a room where clothes clutter the floor, hang off of chairs; I can’t decipher between what’s new and what’s ready to be sent to Goodwill and all I have to show for it is an organized bag section.

I just want to have a clean, streamlined closet that emulates the aesthetic of my favourite clothing boutique but I don’t know where to start. I’ve also got this crazy idea that I need to wean myself off the standard tops, jeans, dresses, pyjama paradigm that I’ve clung to so dearly all these years. No, instead I want to arrange my clothing in terms of style, feel and an element of surprise. I’m sorry, I just don’t want to know where all my tops are anymore. I mean, the idea is great and all in theory but I just can’t bring myself to start! I can’t even look at my room anymore; I’ve spent the past 2 nights sleeping in my mom’s bed. It’s pathetic, really.

My closet it taking over my life.

This is the only finished drawer; why can’t they all look like this!