The chosen outfit for tonight’s LAB Consignment launch party: Seven For All Mankind jeggings, Aldo leopard striped/navy leather heels, Community (omg, softest fabric) white v-neck tee, Hogan belt and Club Monaco emerald green cropped blazer – and my giant palm tree green city Balenciaga to top it off.

I arrived at the Silver Falls vintage store an hour late, fashionably of course and gave my name at the door. Little did I know that inside, a celebrity house party awaited me. Amidst the coolest clothing I’ve ever seen since I perused my mom’s closet last week, flash photography, interviews and TV cameras worked hard to capture all the famous people and little old me. As soon as I saw Sarah Taylor it was clear: I was at the wrong party.

So, when in doubt and without friends (because my editor who originally invited me to the event got stuck at the Cannes film festival), eurotrash heads straight for the bar. The bartender was serving only one drink: cointreau, lime and magic, which may become my new best friend – it certainly was tonight!

The room at the back of the store reserved for the LAB party was tiny! People gathered around the dinning room table to enjoy the fresh delivery of sliders as I slipped out the back door only to find an even smaller patio area, exactly the kind you would find in your friend of a friend’s backyard. Candles, heated conversations and introductions, I escaped into the twitter world on my BB. The funny thing is, I didn’t want to make friends with any of these I-just-flew-in-from-paris-live-at-Chekovsky’s-and-look-like-a-cross-between-sam-ronson-and-terry-richardson people gathered in the yard.

So, back inside I went, and oh finally, someone complimented me on my bag! But one more ring around the dinning room table and I was, pleasantly, donezo. Eager to complete my assignment and get the hell outta there, I checked out the clothes, took a mental note of what people were wearing and snapped a few pictures of my favourite things:

Isabel Marant-esque fur vest, $150

the real Isabel Marant vest from spring 2010

I’ll definitely go back and snag some of the beautiful pieces I saw like this vest, a black top hat and a vintage Trussardi leather clutch – but I’ll wait until things are a little less high profile.

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