Eurotrash is super excited for designer Salem Moussallam’s latest endeavour! My Favourite Dresses, the new consignment/rental concept store launched just few weeks ago, is a place where fashionistas can buy, sell and rent high-end designer goods. I dropped by this afternoon to do an interview and to take a quick look around for a write-up I’m doing for my column, Style Map, which you can conveniently find at


But as all of you know I hate to do things half-assed, so I decided to participate whole-heartedly for the sake of honest and ahem, great, journalism. I conjured up the courage to pack up my gold leather gucci belt and as I write this, it sits on the waist of a mannequin at 643 Yonge St. Call me old fashioned, but eurotrash assigns an extra dollop of sentimental value to all her big purchases. I remember picking out my Jackie bag in Rome last summer; it was like deciding who should be the father of my children! Impatient salespeople hate me because although I can be impulsive, and one certainly needs to be when dropping over 1000 on a single piece, when I buy, I buy for life.


Things have changed I guess. Perhaps it’s the fact that I bought my Balenciaga on a consignment deal of sorts and that I have my eye on a Chanel clutch with the same parameters – but buying and selling for less just seems to be so much more, how do you say, smart? For the men who read this blog, albeit clandestinely, this consignment thing is kinda like buying a new car. Once you drive it off the lot, it still looks pretty new and yet it’s value has already depreciated by almost 20%! It’s the same story with bags. OK, so you don’t get to swing open the gilded doors of some swank boutique, holding your receipt and ridiculously sized shopping bag in hand, innocent-bystanders-falling-at-your-feet kind of glory – but you do get the bargain high, which is extremely underrated I must say.



I go back tomorrow, under the guise of taking pictures, but the real question is: will eurotrash walk out with a new Chanel?


Stay tuned!


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