Who ever thought that sitting in the front row among the city’s most hot-to-trott fashionistas was such hard work? Between refuels in the media lounge where they’ve set up rows and rows of laptops, supplied ample newspapers and magazines, kept starbucks coffee on tap and thinsensation cranberry cookies, which disappear in the first five minutes, eurotrash has been working overtime!

Gaudet fall 2010

Yesterday’s shows ranged from ornate folklore at Gaudet, retro 50s diner rock at Jules Power and cozy warm Robarts-worthy wear at Preloved. Last night Ryerson School of Fashion tantalized the crowd with haute-couture no less and a dinner-is-served themed show. It came just at the right time, dinner time, as they set up place settings along the runway and had waiters and chefs interacting with all the modesl. I was famished but the clothes quickly satiated my appetite.

My favourite pieces from yesterdays shows include: the green pleated merino zippered vest over organza body suit, red merino suit with lace, black merino wool corset with silk chiffon at Gaudet. The entire collection reminded me of Gucci’s Fall 2008 Russian Czar glam, rich with tapestry and opulent gold touches.

Gaudet fall 2010

At Jules Power it was all about that Hitchockian leading lady with a modern twist. Beehive hair, plaid and gorgeous pink houndstooth paired with slouch sweat pants and leopard leggings were the winning combination for Powers. Not to mention, the collection featured the most gorgeous oversized fly fishing boots just like the ones Prada made popular last fall.

Jules Power fall 2010

Preloved was all the things I wanted to be when I was a student, staying late studying in the little cubby holes of Robarts library. For those who don’t know, Preloved recycles vintage materials to make new pieces out of something old. Their fall collection showcased soft fabrics cut in modern ways like cropped jackets and high-waisted skirts. What stood out the most for me was the colour combinations: warm pinks, lavender, navy, greys, brown and burgundy all mixed together into a quilt of lusciousness. The models donned nerdy glasses which further screamed: WEAR ME TO THE LIBRARY!

Preloved fall 2010

The best part about all these shows have been the SWAG – c’mon, i may be attending fashion week but i’m still an MDF at heart! At Gaudet, Powers and Preloved I managed to somehow get bumped into the front row and with the front row not only comes a good view, but swag bags! Gaudet gave me a lovely pair of homeless gloves (the ones i wear for poor circulation that people made fun of). Well, these ones are a beautifully rich olive green wool with the most intricate gold detailing, I love them already. At Preloved I got two pairs of ballet slippers made out of rich vintage wool and they are so cute and also very good for poor circulation. But I won’t be needing either of these for a while because it looks like the sun is here to stay for the rest of the week. Eurotrash on the other hand, better start refilling her cup in the media lounge if she hopes to stay awake to see it!

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